How it all Began

If you haven’t already gathered, my blog is going to be all about my wonderful family, primarily; the kids. This is attempt #4 at starting this blog as my youngest (who is ALMOST one) quite clearly objects to this and has thus far; cried until I came off the computer, tried to help me with typing (yeah, that one was fun), cried some more, and finally…completely turned the computer off for me. So here we are at trying once more – and hopefully a bit more successfully!

Before we delve into the exciting lives of my kiddos, lets rewind back to “how it all began” – or thereabouts.

So I knew my partner Martin way back when I about 14, I was at the prime of the ‘wannabe scene kid’ phase. You know, multi-tonal hair; bright, neon coloured eyeshadow with dark eyeliner; skinny jeans; band tees and lets not forget the hanging around town and Lynnsport listening to “sad, emo” music. Well, we were friends from different friendship circles, and so we drifted apart for a few years. During the drift, I finished school; travelled to Australia, came home, went back to college and worked. Martin had settled down with someone and had a baby called Lily. Things didn’t work out too well there and Lily and Martin became a daddy/daughter duo. *Cue my entrance* In March 2014, Martin and I crossed paths again by none other than Jeremy Kyles favourite social media site; Facebook. We got chatting, we exchanged numbers, we met up a few times, Martin asked me to make a go of things…and I said no. At the time I had already decided that I was going to University in September, and I wasn’t sure how a long-distance relationship was going to work out! “Lets just be together for the Summer then!” – Good idea Martin, except that you’ve put an end date on the relationship (such a man.) Then, one evening whilst I was all cosy and tucked up in bed, and after a bottle of Peach Schnapps (of all things) he asked me out – over Facebook, a charmer really – and for whatever reason it was, I eventually said yes. I attempted University and lasted all of 2 months before packing up and moving in with Martin and Lily.

Since then we have become a family of 4 (5 if you count the cat), and I can’t wait to start sharing our journey with you.

Here we are, our first ever photo together, and then New Years 2017. I think it’s safe to say we both got hit by the Puberty Stick. Hard.


So sit back, grab a cuppa and a biccie and enjoy the fun that is my family!


Becky xo


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