“Musical toys will be great!” I said, “It will be fine.” I said…


So. Very. Wrong.

its 6.30am on a Monday morning, my alarm is shouting and crying from the bedroom next door, half an hour before I’m already unwilling to force myself to get up. So I roll out of bed, (literally…) still in zombie-wake-up mode, unsure of where the door handle is kind of daze and I fling open Williams bedroom door. And there he is with a beaming smile – or rather, the cheekiest grin as if to say “I knew you weren’t ready to get up, but I’ve got you wrapped around my finger mummy!” Kind of grin. By this point I’ve de-zombiefied myself and can almost handle bright lights. Onto the morning routine of bum change, day clothes on, and breakfast!


Now here comes the part that I love…once we’ve splattered porridge over the high chair and rubbed it into the nice clean clothes  and lovely washed hair from the night before, I reluctantly place William on the floor, next to the toys I know are QUIET, or better yet – that don’t make any sound! (For those of you who have kids though will know that ANY toy can become an instrument, more specifically; a drum…bang it on the wall, on the door, on another toy – the list is endless, and loud.) But of course, these are not the toys we will be playing with at 7am. Oh no. We want the ones which use animals to sing the songs, or the ones which even though you’ve got on the quietest setting sound even louder than a marching band walking by. And our current favourite has a microphone! Yipee… Let’s not forget Williams older sister Lily, also thoroughly enjoys these toys. Only last week I had the pleasure of listening to her sing the story of Christmas (Mary/Joseph/Jesus/Bethlehem etc…) to a tune she made up herself, on a wonderful toy saxophone which only has 4 notes…it’s amazing how much housework needs to be done upstairs during times like these, what a coincidence!


But…herein lies the kicker. I bloody well asked for it! “What does William want for Christmas, Becky?” My response? “Oh, he loves music and things that make noise! Get him something like that!” The only joy I can take from these toys is that they only make a sound when you touch them. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing worse than a toy that will just start talking or singing to you and making you jump! and then there’s that one toy you can’t find, but it will continue to play and play until the batteries run out…

I am grateful for all these toys, and I know they are helping to teach and entertain my children, so for the sake of wanting to throw them out of the window at 7am, I know it won’t be forever. So I tell myself to put my big girl knickers on and ride it out. Maybe I’ll keep one and use it as their high school alarm…heh…now there’s an idea.

Do you have a toy that you just can’t stand? Or a toy you couldn’t be without? Let me know! I’d love to hear about them!

Becky xo


4 thoughts on ““Musical toys will be great!” I said, “It will be fine.” I said…

  1. Great post, and funny, too, especially from my vantage point of being a grandmother! The way my son and daughter-in-law handle this issue is to keep all the musical toys at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I now know the words to every song in Barbie’s piano book, and the tunes are running in a continual loop in my brain.

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