Due date! – a year ago.

here we go I thought. It’s unbelievable how many emotions you can feel at any given moment; tension and excitement, nervousness, thrill, exhilaration, worry, fear, uncertainty – all at the same time. Why? Because I was about to become a mum for the first (biological) time. Or so I thought.

A very fitting jumper; who ate all the cookies William?

My hospital bag had been packed since week 20 of my pregnancy, and from then until ‘the day’ it got unpacked and repacked more times than I can count. “He can wear this for his first outfit.” *the following week* “well, actually I prefer this onesie and hat *changes bag*” …rinse and repeat about 6 more times. Eventually the bag got left alone. With my bag at the ready, and excitement filling my whole body; I was ready to meet the little guy! As anyone would, I was clock watching all day, getting my squat on, bouncing up and down, and using as much persuasive language to get my bump to budge. (I realise the talking was a bit of a long shot – but I was willing to try anything!)

After a long, long…really long day of waiting around, hoping to feel a pang or a twinge, or anything discomforting, I was left sorely disappointed when I didn’t feel anything! Just my boy merrily kicking and poking me, and more than likely laughing at my desperate attempts to get him out.


And so the 17th January 2016 came to a close, and I officially became overdue. – like me, you’ll have to wait another 13 days to find out all about his birth, and my bittersweet joy of my baby boy turning one.

Were you overdue with your little one(s)? How long did you have to wait? (as much as we all feel like it, it really wasn’t an eternity, in hindsight at least.)

Becky x


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