A Mummy’s Boy.


When William was a few months old, he used to settle on daddy with no trouble. A year on, this is no longer the case. We have a mummy’s boy through and through now, much to daddys annoyance and frustration (and at times, mine!) I love my boy dearly, but what I wouldn’t give to have a poo in peace, or for him to let daddy hold him for five minutes (this boy is heavy, 25lb 7oz right now – That’s almost 2 stone people! Mummy needs to rest her arms every now and then!) But alas, it isn’t to be. Any hope of daddy trying to settle him is a lost battle before it’s even begun, and it’s not even worth trying when he’s tired. For the most part, it probably is my own fault, I “made a rod for my own back” as it were. If William cries, I pick him up. If he falls and hurts himself, I pick him up. If it was naptime/bedtime I cradled him to sleep (ok, this shouldn’t be in past tense, I still sometimes do it..) So here we are, Not only is he a mummy’s boy, he’s pretty needy and, well…a bit of a crybaby. It was inevitable really, being a stay-at-home parent I am his primary carer, on demand 24/7 – and doesn’t he know it! I’m not ready for him to “put his big boy pants on and brush his hands off”  when he falls over yet, I have barrels of sympathy and boo-boo kisses to give out still. That isn’t to say I don’t have a few giggles at some of his misfortunes, (but it still comes with cuddles and kisses!)


Crawling under the clothes horse seemed like a good idea at the time.


As with anyone, we don’t always enjoy being left alone. We are sociable creatures and babies/toddlers don’t necessarily understand that when we leave the room, it’s not forever. William takes this to a whole new level at times; to the point I can’t even be on the other side of the baby gate (which, you know…I am still fully visible, but that’s not good enough apparently. See below.)


At times like these, it’s a headache trying to put the washing away upstairs, or doing the washing up, or anything that requires you to leave the room at all. Which is where the older sibling is amazing. Lily and William get on like a house on fire, honestly I’ve never seen love quite like it – especially from siblings! My sisters and I used to fight on the daily, grass each other up to mum and just make life miserable for each other. You’d never know now! But Lily interacts with William so well, playing with him and his toys (although I’m not sure for who’s benefit, she does rather enjoy them!) I’ve seen her read books to him, help him eat snacks and dinner, help him walk about and help me bath him; the list goes on, she’s just a superstar. Some days I take full advantage of this and pop upstairs for 5-10 minutes just to have a quick breather, and he’s happy as larry. I count myself lucky that I am able to do this!


With that, I fully accept that I have a needy mummy’s boy, and that’s okay, because he won’t be like it forever. (I hope.)

Becky xo


One Hull of a Dad

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