It’s time to baby-proof the house…

It’s time. When your baby first enters the world the last thing you’re thinking of is needing to baby proof the house. You know, quite obviously your 1 day old baby isn’t going to grab the scissors you left on the table, or touch the hot oven rings, or hide the TV remotes in the cat basket, or take every single item out of the cupboards. As a newborn, all these milestones of sitting up/crawling/walking and talking seem a lifetime away. Right now, we’re just happy with them to eat, sleep and poo. Excellent!


And then before you know it, the eat/sleep/poo routine is out the window, we spend hours teaching our babies to get on the move, with pitiful efforts of standing them up and cooing “come to mummy! No not there, to mummy. William I’m over here! Oh fine go to daddy then…” until eventually, they’ve cracked it! A massive burst of pride and happiness overwhelms us with the excitement of our baby learning something new! However. With these new found walking boots comes a new level of curiosity. Nothing is safe. They will find it, and they will touch it. The oven is on? Touch it. A cup of tea on the side (cold, no less) ? Grab it. Mummy needs a hand with the linen basket? Push it over. My personal favourite of Williams is the current obsession he has with the cooking utensils. Of course the ladle belongs next to the toilet, why on earth didn’t I already know this?  I’ve washed and cleaned the ladle more times than I actually get the chance to use it.

You now realise your 1 day old baby is turning one and your house is baby haven for injury and accidents, and you’re not prepared. So we turn to the trusty internet; where we read that other mums and dads have been through the exact same scenarios and have written up to help other parents/carers to baby-proof their houses too. THANK YOU! Literal life savers right there. – One blog which I found to be quite useful was written over at The Joy of Grandparenting, and you can read it here. It’s a brilliant read, and very informative in a simple way! (Perfect for simpletons like myself!)


So here is my list:

  1. Get down onto your hands and knees and see the world from their prospective. Of course this makes sense, if you’re looking from their point of view you will be able to see what can be grabbed at, pulled/pushed over, things that look tasty (but really aren’t! – like pens or money!) We don’t always notice from 5feet above them!
  2. Cupboard locks. As you can see from the photo, cupboard locks are also a winner. The last thing you want is to constantly put the contents of your cupboards back in again and again – not to mention trapped fingers.
  3. Keep wires hidden and plug sockets covered. It’s easy in this modern technological world to leave the laptop wire or phone charger laying around, it makes our lives easier by having them close to hand, but it becomes a danger to our beloved little ones. Put the loose wires away, and hide the other wires away with a cover, or one of those twirly wire cover that keep all the wires together, and get some plug socket covers to keep little fingers out of them.

    The twirly wire cover (google pic)
  4. A stairgate.  I don’t know about you but William LOVES to climb the stairs! He’s up them before you can even say “stairs.” Hello stairgate, our new best friend. Ours is placed in the hallway, so little man still has free roam of the kitchen and living room; but the stairs are out of bounds.
  5. Mount/bolt heavy objects. Unless you live under a rock, (which if you’re reading this I’m sure you don’t!) you’ll have heard about the accident regarding twin boys playing in their bedroom with the chest of drawers. The drawers fell on one of them and the other heroically saves his brother by pushing it off him. (If you still have no idea, click here for the article and video.) Babies and toddlers are SUPER inquisitive. Heavy furniture needs to be bolted to the walls with wall straps where possible!
  6. Cover up corners. Now they’re up and roaming, suddenly the coffee table is a danger. You can get corner protectors for a couple of quid (£) online.
  7. Cleaning products should be out of sight. Bleach, washing powder, washing up liquid, fabric softener, aerosol sprays and any other product should be on a top shelf cupboard where your little one wouldn’t even dare to attempt to get to.

    Corner protectors (eBay pic.)

And so there we are, the list is endless really – and I do think there is such a thing as being “too cautious.” But these are my main ‘something serious could happen if these bases aren’t covered’ list. Let me know if I’ve missed something off!

Becky xo

One Hull of a Dad

5 thoughts on “It’s time to baby-proof the house…

  1. Oh gosh, it’s such a culture shock when this time comes along, isn’t it?? The best thing we ever did was to stick a baby gate in the kitchen doorway! That cut out a lot of the other stuff they get up to normally straight away! Oh gosh, now my twins are nearly 4 and they’ve finally learnt how to open the gate, so NOWHERE IS SAFE NOW! Gah!! #oldschoolposts

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    1. It just crept up on me one day! (he still pulls everything out of the cupboards, but now it’s just food he wants haha!) – We put a stairgate in between the hallway & living room, as he can open the front door and climb the stairs lol! No where is ever safe with kids!! x


  2. Ah! Thanks for this. My baby is almost 6 months and I’m in the process of baby proofing the house because I know he’ll be crawling before I know it. I have two other children, but you so easily forget what needs to be done. Bookmarking! #oldschoolposts

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