Daily Life


As a parent, that is what we are first and foremost. The children come first, end of. But every now and then we are allowed to be our former selves (pre-kids) and have a few hours of just you. No nappy changes, no dinners to cook, no bathtimes, no housework; just you. You’re finally able to do your hair nicely, without looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards (and it’s clean too! no baby food in it today!) You can actually put some make up on too, to mask how tired you really are, and best of all; you can wear something that hasn’t been baby-fied (i.e. no snot/food/dribble etc…) Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are my world and I would do absolutely anything for them, but as a stay-at-home parent, life can get pretty repetitive and there’s only so many discussions about ‘poo’ I can handle.


I don’t look like this on the regular. This is a one off.


I was able to be “just Becky” for a few hours last night. I hummed and haah-ed about going, after all it’s not often I go out in the evenings anymore; a day with the kids has me ready for bed by dinner time! Could I really be bothered to get dressed and look acceptable? In the end I decided I would go. Martin had finished work and I put William to bed (Mummy’s boy, won’t go down for Daddy!) and then off I went. With a phone that was out of battery, I couldn’t text or call to make sure the kids were okay, and after a little while I accepted that the kids were fine in Daddy’s care…


I went to my sisters house for a pamper evening she was holding by a company called “Tropic.” Now if you’ve never heard of them they really are amazing and you can check out their website here. They offer skincare, makeup, body care and other bits and bobs!They’re vegan friendly, naturally derived, not tested on animals – you name it they are as natural as can be! We were highly pampered too, with foot soaks and face masks and hand scrubs, the list goes on. It was such a relaxing evening, and I loved just having some ‘me time.’ Even without the kids I was still able to talk about them in almost every conversation I had. So I guess we’re never really off-the-clock from parenting!


If you say you love being with your kids 24/7, I would honestly think you are either mad or lying. We will always love our children, but they sure know our buttons – and they know exactly when to press them and wind us up! They wouldn’t be kids if they didn’t.  If you get the chance to be ‘just you,’ for your own sanity, take it. It’s amazing how refreshed and rejuvenated you feel after having some time away! Don’t ever feel guilty for needing/wanting a few hours to yourself; you deserve it!

Becky xo



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