Why I like Tuesdays.

Apart from Saturdays, (because, you know…it’s the weekend, and even if you have a really busy day, you still have Sunday to enjoy doing naff all!) my next favourite day is a Tuesday. But only if I’m organised about it! And do you know why? Because Lily and I have created a Tuesday Routine.


A typical Tuesday goes like this:

  • Wake up
  • Kids fed/dressed and ready for school
  • School run
  • Meet a friend for coffee
  • Go home, prep dinner and whack it in the slow cooker (this piece of kitchenware is the bees knees honestly. I’d be lost without mine!)
  • Give William lunch
  • Pack Lilys swimming gear/change of clothes in a bag
  • School run
  • Pop to the public toilets and get changed
  • Nip into Sainsbury’s for a drink and snack (which is usually a bag of Mini Eggs and a Vimto still drink. She’s gonna burn it all off swimming…)
  • Walk to swimming
  • Play at the park outside swimming as we’re like 30 minutes early
  • Swim
  • Walk home
  • Bath
  • Dinner
  • Bed

Phew. Now I know some people will be like, c’mon Becky…that’s nothing! But it’s the most organised day of the week for me, and as I’ve mentioned before in a previous post of how unorganised I can be, (which you can read here) I’m pretty proud of how military I am on a Tuesday.


Of course, it would be much easier if we just walked home and got ready there, but by the time we’ve walked home from school, got ready and changed, it would be time to leave the house again – and we’d probably be late for swimming. So for us, we’ve concocted this Tuesday Routine. And we love it. It’s one thing to spend time together at home, but there’s something about being outside in the fresh air and actually doing something that makes being together so much more wonderful. We love spending the time together and picking out a few treats (lets face it, it’s not a snack at all…) from Sainsbury’s, and in the summer it’s great fun to play at the park; it still is for Lily in the winter, but William and I? Not so much…brrr bring on the sunshine! or at least a bit of warmth! I love watching Lily progress each week in the pool, she’s just a waterbaby, no fear at all – not in the water at least, and even better, she has a few school friends who also have lessons too. This girl has more of a social life than I do!


Whats your favourite day of the week? Do you do anything with your kiddos that you love to do? I’d love to hear about it!

Becky xo


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