The Hostess with the Mostess!

Or something like that..

Today we had a pre-birthday celebration for William at home. We chose today as it meant that we wouldn’t have to rush around school tomorrow, and other family members would also be able to join us. It was a nice casual day with family coming and going. As the hostess, I wanted everything to be “just right!” and so I had a mini spring-clean of the house. It’s amazing how much housework you can get done when the thought of people actually coming over sinks in! With the house all (mostly) tidy, and banners/balloons were put up, I still managed to make time to slap on a bit of makeup and sort my hair out, winner!

Cousins: Sitting in the toybox is MUCH more fun!

Family started to arrive at 12pm, and then I started to feel quite nervous. Between Martin and I, we have a lot of family…and even though I’m sure they probably wouldn’t have cared if the house was a pig sty I couldn’t help but worry I’d not cleared away enough, or that I’d have enough nibbles and food (which I was later told I was serving chocolates that went out of date last year…sorry family…best before dates are just guidelines right?) Usually I wouldn’t mind that my house was a bit on the messy side, I’ve got 2 kids – it’ll never be a show home – but it’s a completely different scenario when you’ve physically set out to be a host. There’s a feeling of responsibility when you’re the hostess. Is everyone fed? Has everyone got a drink? Refill anyone? Can I get you anything else? It didn’t seem right for me to let everyone sort themselves out for food and drink, after all I did invite them round! Plus my house isn’t that big, and with the amount of big people trying to go back and forth from the kitchen to the living room whilst tip-toeing around the little people it was just asking for trouble! I spent half the day making cups of tea and coffee, alongside cooking burgers and buttering buns, and I loved it. I figured they were all here to celebrate William’s first birthday; my house wasn’t going to be glamorous and lets face it, no one had come to see whether or not I’d bleached the toilets (I had, just in case.)

It was a really wonderful day too, lots of laughter and photos, and watching the kids play together so nicely (for the most part…!) It’s a rarity to get all of our families together in one place!


I must say I was pretty impressed with my baking skills. I’ve never made a cake for anything or anyone other than my own personal consumption, or Lily and I usually make fairy cakes. But I decided I would attempt to make William’s birthday cake! Lily and I baked the cake yesterday following a recipe online, but my tin was a lot bigger than I realised, and the first cake was more of a pancake…Onto attempt #2! I took the same recipe and used 1 and a half of the recipe and it was much more successful.

Lily was desperate to help me decorate the cake, but she got fed up of waiting for the cake to cool down, so she left the room with “Ok Mum. You come and find me when the cake is all finished.” – Yes ma’am! So I was left on my todd with absolutely no idea what I was doing with the icing. After a few phone calls to my sisters, I managed to sort something out with the cake and it eventually finished up looking like this: (don’t judge me, I did the rocket freehand…)


And there we are, we had a wonderful low-key party for our little boy, and we were pleasantly surprised at how many people could fit in our living room at any given time!

How did you celebrate your little ones first birthday?

Becky xo


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