From Bump to Birth

As promised, here is my “from bump to birth” post.

It might get a little long winded, but I’ll put lots of photos in to break it up 😀

It all began back in April 2015. We weren’t actively trying for a baby, but we also weren’t stopping it – if it happened, it happened and if not, then that was okay too. I didn’t really have a clue as to how it all actually worked (yes I know you had to do the naughty naughty, I’m not that dense) but I decided to pose some questions to google about conception and the like, and I found myself reading hundreds of pages of forums, blogs, “dr” websites etc. I found out about “optimal timing” and how long your mans swimmers can survive ‘up there’ for (3-5 days!) and how long it can take to actually conceive. After all things considered, I thought we were going to be in it for the long haul, but it only took us 5 months before I got that “BFP” (Big Fat Positive.) I also joined a forum on an app I have and it was so relieving to be able to chat to others who were also TTC, as we hadn’t told anyone we were/weren’t to avoid the questions such as, “any luck this month? Is there a bun in the oven yet?” It just seemed a bit impersonal to me, and so we waited until it happened to announce the big news.


At 5 weeks in, we found out I was pregnant. We were only going to tell our parents, and somehow this turned into us telling our siblings too (that’s an extra 10 people including partners!) Martin and I spent one evening at his parents house on the phone to our brothers and sisters announcing the news. I was pretty nervous about telling everyone, being the youngest sibling it seemed a bit odd to be the first one having a baby; or so I thought. After inviting my parents round to announce the news in person, a few hours later I had a knock on the door from my sister, who had been sent round to my house by our mum. Turns out we’d both told mum on the same day that we were BOTH pregnant!


Fast it forward to the end of the first trimester. I had actually lost weight during this time, which I was kind of grateful for, I’m not the skinniest of people – any weight I could lose before baby weight kicked in was much appreciated! I didn’t have any cravings (gutted! I really wanted them!) and I went off food completely due to feeling sick all the time – thankfully I never was physically sick. But that explained the weight loss! We got to have our first baby scan at 12 weeks. I was apprehensive for this as our town isn’t massive, and there was a very high chance we were going to see someone we knew in the waiting room (and we did…) We didn’t want to tell the world until after we’d had the first scan at least!

Skipping onto the second trimester, Lily started school and I was starting to *finally* get a bit of a bump going!I had my first random lady ask when I was due at 20 weeks and I almost cried because I really did just look bloated and fat, so it was really nice for someone who didn’t know me to see it as a baby bump! – I also broke my foot during the second trimester, that was fun. You can read here how I did it…Again, no cravings, but the sickness had stopped and I was back to eating everything in my sight. Oh, and we also announced to the world about bump! I even knitted some cute little booties.


The third trimester, here we go, the last stage before giving birth. I was quite lucky to be having a January baby, it meant that I could have a lot of distractions like Christmas and New Year and then back to school etc which made the days fly by. I was extremely surprised at how little extra weight I put on throughout my pregnancy, I was pretty much all baby bump! Well..except for my flipper feet…and my triple chin…and my enlarged thighs…okay. Maybe I was a little in denial there, I put on a bit of weight all over (especially my feet! a year on and they’ve only just gone back to normal!) Then it was bumps due date. 17th January 2016, and I didn’t feel a thing. The 18th came and went, followed by the 19th. On the 20th I had a sweep which did bugger all apart from make bump a fidget for a while. 1 week late. *ugh* I’m as fat as a whale, (bump has really made an appearance now!) and people kept asking “Oh when are you due?!” Listen lady, if anyone asks me that one more time I’m performing a C-Section right here right now. Is what usually came to mind, but the response was something like, “*polite laugh* I’m over(*f—ing*)due. He should’ve been here on the 17th.”

41wks & 11 days.

12 days later, At last. The day came when I was allowed to ring up the delivery suite and book in for an induction. 7.30am sharp I picked the phone up and rang through…“sorry love, we’re full at the minute. Call back at lunchtime and we’ll go from there!” Well my heart sank. “They’d better bloody make room for me, this baby is gonna come out today one way or another!” I thought. So I did the school drop off and pottered about at home until lunch time and called again. “Sorry, we’re still really busy. Just come in at 6pm and we’ll see what we can do.” UGHHHH. At least I had a time to go in now. I triple checked my bag and then spent the rest of the day at my mums. And would you bloody well believe it, I started to get niggling pains at 5.30pm! Which lasted all of 10 minutes. So 6pm came and Martin and I trundled to the hospital. At this point it all felt so surreal, I was about to have a baby…and it was going to hurt.

Ready to go in the hospital!

At one of my midwife appointments we’d been through a rough birth plan, things that I wanted/didn’t want. In my head I knew I wanted to try and go as naturally as possible with as little drugs needed, but I put on my notes I was open to anything really. I’d never done it before, I didn’t know how I’d be able to handle the pain it would’ve been silly for me to say no to something if I really couldn’t handle it! (Although I was pretty dead-set against an epidural.)

We were put into a room with 4 bays, and thankfully we were the only ones in there all night. We had to wait for the shift change and handover, which made sense I guess as it meant that the night staff would be with us from the start of everything. Martin and I played a car game to pass the time. (We took it in turns to name different car makes and brands. We’re the life of the parties can you tell?) Then 8pm came and they hooked me up to a machine that monitored baby. Half an hour I should have been on that for. HALF AN HOUR. Fast forward 2 and a half hours and I’m still bloody attached to the damn thing. I’d been to the toilet 3 times and each time I had to take the flipping wires with me!

Sweep Stake. No one got it right…

10pm came. Hurrah, they finally induced me. (Not a nice feeling. At all. But at this point I was willing to do anything to get the baby out.) I started off on the bed, then I was sent to have a bath – which didn’t help – and ended up stark naked bouncing on a birthing ball with martin laying on the bed (Asleep) holding a fan for me. I asked for some paracetamol around midnight, and waited 2 hours for it, the ward had become really busy! After a lot of crying, pain and breathing control, the midwife came in to check on me at 4am and *HALLELUJAH* I was 7cm! I was moved into a delivery room and Martin rang my mum to let her know what was happening.

*side note* my mum works on the ward and she had work in the morning at 7.30am, so she came all dressed and ready for work, pottered about the staff room, had a quick wee and a natter with a work colleague and then waltzed into my room. In her mind, I still had 3cm to go, which would have been at least 2-3 hours before any sign of baby. Boy she was wrong. At 4.35am William Christopher Scott Berney was born weighing 9lb 5oz. And she missed the birth. It all happened so quick! I got up onto the bed and I was so excited but also in pain so the excitement was kind of overruled here. I was given gas and air, but me being me was using it at the wrong time so I wasn’t feeling the effects of it – so I threw it on the floor. “I see we don’t like the gas and air, Becky.” I remember my midwife saying, and I retorted with something along the lines of “No it’s effing useless, why do people use that?!” and then, *whoosh* William was coming and there was no stopping him now, 13 bloody days late and he was coming with full force! He rocketed out and my midwife didn’t even have time to put her other glove on! And there he was, all squishy and gross. Most women would have been happy for their baby to be placed straight onto their chest, but I definitely didn’t want that. I asked the midwife to clean him up before I held him. I only needed 2 stitches which was great (now the gas and air came in handy…)

Squish. ♥

All wrapped up in a blanket, I held William for the first time. *Extreme exhale and sigh of relief* I did it. He’s here. Safe. Apart from 6 pressure marks, William was a healthy newborn, and he did NOT look impressed to have been evicted. Now it was time for me to be completely British: have a cuppa tea and some toast. Not bad going for a 6 hour labour, I thought. After reading up on other birthing stories, I was rather worried I was going to have a long labour! The weirdest feeling for me was the way my tummy felt after giving birth. You spend 9 months growing a baby and feeling your tummy harden, and then it goes all jelly and wobbly, and I remember getting really weirded out by it! It took a few moments for my brain to process the fact that William was now actually in the outside world and not inside anymore.

The most unimpressed face ever.

My aftercare was amazing too, I had my own side room with an en suite, which was great! I made good use of the buzzer too, I was desperate to breast feed and so I was constantly buzzing to get help with making sure William was latching on properly – and the staff were really brilliant. Not once did they get fed up of coming in (they didn’t show it at least!) and they were always so accommodating. 10/10 for the whole experience!

And that’s that…He arrived on the Saturday and we came home on the Sunday afternoon once I was happy that I knew what I was doing with breast feeding. 🙂

The Berney Family.

I’d love to hear about your bump-to-birth stories! 🙂

Becky xo


2 thoughts on “From Bump to Birth

    1. Oh my goodness! It’s all worth it in the end but at the time it’s horrendous! What a trooper you were! I count my blessings I had a quick labour, so many people were telling me “your first will be a long labour” – well I showed them! Haha
      Becky xo


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