Pancake Day!

Here we are, another great day done and dusted. How many of us made or bought pancakes today? Were they disgustingly bad for you and drizzled in maple syrup? Or were you good and put fresh fruit on top? Who cares?! Eat them how you want! I for one love them loaded up with sugar and lemon juice.


My proud moment of some well turned-out pancakes!


We celebrate Pancake Day each year, but how many of us actually know why? Well, I googled it (naturally) because my memory is shocking and I don’t want to put any false information out there! I did know, however, that it is also known as “Shrove Tuesday.”

So here we go, it’s actually to do with Christianity. As I stated above, it’s title name is Shrove Tuesday, with “shrove” derived from the word “shrive” meaning absolve. This makes a lot more sense to me now as it is the day before the season of Lent which starts on Ash Wednesday, wherein many Christians (and others) will spend the next 40-odd days fasting from a variety of things! Some choose to fast altogether whilst others give up “luxuries.” One year I gave up tomato sauce, that was pretty tough, and another year I tried to give up biscuits but that lasted all of 6 days. This year my mum has decided not to give anything up, but to be more pro-active with her life instead and get out running at least once a week. I quite like the idea of doing something more as opposed to taking something away. This then lasts until Easter Sunday. Why? We’ve all heard of the story where Jesus travelled through a desert for 40 days and 40 nights, right? Lent originated as a mirroring of this, hence why it is also a fasting season, as Jesus has no food or water in the desert.

But Becky, why pancakes? Where do they fit in with all of this? Well, fear not for I have the answer! Pancakes use up much of the food products that were discouraged from eating during Lent, such as eggs and butter and fat! (I think it was just another way to make delicious pancakes really, either way, it makes me happy to have a day dedicated to pancakes!)

So there you are. A Christian event celebrated by thousands around the world! Will you be participating in Lent this year? I have tonight to figure out what I’ll be giving up…I might also give it a miss this year, who knows!

I’d love to hear how your Pancake Day went and what you’re giving up for Lent!

Becky x



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