World Book Day


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Today is World Book Day! A day I used to love, because what child doesn’t love the opportunity to dress up for school, and as their favourite literature character?! (I wonder how many Harry Potters there have been over the years?)

I remember it always being a struggle to find an outfit though, we weren’t the richest of families, and a lot of the time it was a “thrifty outfit” you know, one where you borrow your dads jumper and your sisters hand-me-down leggings and you’d just throw a heap of clothes together! Ready-made costumes weren’t as accessible, or that cheap either. And to be honest, these chucked together outfits were always the best to me. I never went OTT about it, just not being in my uniform was great!

So when we got the letter about World Book Day for Lily’s school, I saw the big logo and my mind went into overdrive as to what we could make and what character she’d perhaps like to be. And then I read it. No mention of dressing up as a character, nor any outfits. This year, Lily’s school had asked them to go to school in their pyjamas! At first I was like, “Yes! Got out of that one!” But then I thought, well, actually I’d have liked to have made a costume. All over social media I saw my friends children all dressed up as Dorothy, Alice in Wonderland, Where’s Wally to name a few, and I looked at Lily in her unicorn pyjamas and felt a little cheated out this year. I don’t know the schools reasoning for not having a costume dress-up day, but I figured, perhaps they were trying to accommodate everyone. Every child has pyjamas, not every family has the pennies to spend on *yet another costume they’ll only wear for a day*

I can’t grumble, Lily was more than excited to be going to school in her pyjamas! She thought it was the bees knees! I guess it’s the simple things. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the children I saw heading into school in uniforms today though. As soon as a letter with a date for something comes home with Lily, I jot it straight down on my calendar,  I don’t think I could handle the mum-guilt of forgetting something like this! I also have a great circle of school-mummy friends, so we are forever sending each other WhatsApp messages reminding each other of upcoming events, thanks ladies, you are my saviours!

And so, back to normality now. What did your kids dress up as for World Book Day?

Becky x


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