One year in our home.


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Before we lived in our lovely place we now call home, we used to live in a 2 bedroom ground floor flat. It felt amazing to call somewhere other than my parents house “home”, the rooms were (very) spacious and it was in a great part of town. It’s downfall was the lack of heating and the damp and mould that was starting to build up. We were looking to move out, when fate would have it we were served an eviction notice. (It’s not as bad as it sounds!) Our flat was joined onto an DIY store which our landlord owned, and they wanted to expand the shop into the flat. It was a blessing in disguise really as it kicked our butts to get the ball rolling!

We listed to get onto the Freebridge housing association (for those of you who are unfamiliar with what this is, they are a community housing association who help people in all situations to find housing at an affordable rate; whether you’ve been evicted, kicked out, or just generally want to get onto the housing list, it’s open to everyone!) They have 3 main grading categories, and depending upon your circumstances they will allocate you into High, Medium or Low band. As we were served with an eviction notice, we became High Priority. Each week I was on the website looking at what available properties had been put up, and then I would select the ones that were appropriate for us and submit them as a ‘bid’. (Even on high priority, it took us 4 months to be offered a place. Just shows how many people are on the listings!!)

Then it all went so quick! One Tuesday I was called up to be told our bid had been successful, on Thursday I went round the house to view it, and make sure I liked it (I took Martins mum with me as I had no idea what I was really looking at/for!) and on Friday we signed the contract and were handed the keys and on Saturday we were just about moved in. *phew* We were lucky to remain in the same part of town, literally just on a parallel road and about 10 minutes extra walking distance from where we were! This was important to us as we didn’t want to move Lily to another school.


A true picture of me. Credit: google images


I can’t say I was of much help with the packing and moving…In fact I was of no use at all…At this point William was only 5 weeks old, I hadn’t chance to pack anything up or away. I didn’t want to pack anything too early because as I said, it took 4 months to get this place, could you imagine if I packed everything as soon as we were put onto the bidding list?! Add a newborn baby and frazzled new mum into the mix and I was the epitome of useless. With all the commotion going on, William just wouldn’t settle down! We enlisted the help of family to box up and move everything across to our new home, and I just stood in the emptying house with a screaming newborn, a bored 5 year old and my sister in law and her 1 and 6 year old. Naturally, we buggered off and took the kids out for lunch and went to the cinema to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks! That’s how you move house. Lets be honest, none of us were going to be of much help really, we did them a favour…ha!

When we came home, the majority of our things had been brought across, and by Sunday we had all the carpets laid and everything in it’s place! I have to say, I definitely moved house the right way. (Not being involved that is!) But honestly, we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help that day, so again I am truly thankful for the help we received! A year on, and our house has that “lived in” feeling, (You know, the one where you have two kids and it’s an absolute sh**hole and filled to the brim with toys and clothes everywhere? That feeling.) But it’s home. Our home. We haven’t been very vigilant with the whole decorating, we’ve just been busy with other things and money has been spent elsewhere, but hopefully this year we can splash a bit of life into the walls and get more photos printed off and framed. And so here we are, a family of four, happy and content in our lovely home.


Becky x


7 thoughts on “One year in our home.

  1. I’m currently in this position. We were bidding during my pregnancy and all the way up until now (baby is now 7 months) and a month ago we finally got offered a house! We weren’t on priority though so that’s why it took so long. This is a COMPLETELY random question but how did you get on with the painting of your house? We’re doing it ourselves but it’s safe to say it’s very ‘amateur ‘. Hope you’re enjoying your new abode! X

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  2. Oh my goodness it takes ages doesn’t it?! I’m glad you’ve got somewhere! It’s worth it when you’re in isn’t it. Haha, our painting is awful! Neither of us are any good at it, we’ve painted the living room and hallway, and I got my dad to come and decorate our daughters bedroom as I wanted a border round the middle of the room and I’m hopeless with wallpaper haha! So ours is very “amateur” too haha. Yeah loving it thanks, got a great back garden! x


  3. We’ve got a lovely back garden too! I can’t be bothered to paint at all and lucky you for avoiding the moving! Haha wish I could’ve. The previous tenants were very colourful let’s say and the painting is taking ages cause of the amount of coats of paint! Glad I’m not alone in the struggles! C


    1. Yeah I was quite lucky there haha! Ah really? I’ve never known Freebridge to leave a place with the previous tenants décor, they’ve always stripped it bare and repainted it all a magnolia colour (everywhere) so it’s literally a blank slate for us. (The carpet thing annoyed me lol, two kids and they said the house was ready to move straight into…uhh, not with concrete floors it’s not!) so I’m a little surprised they didn’t repaint yours? x


      1. We’re with a different housing association and they’re very crap I’ve realised. They didn’t even plaster the walls. There’s a million repairs to the property and they take ages to come out to do them. I wish we could get a different one. Nothing’s been done. The radiators are practically broken, they’ve been checked over 6 times now and we’re still having problems! And the boiler is a 10000 years old. I like the house but the nitty gritty of it isn’t fun and I wish we could leave this housing association. I know what you mean! It was difficult for us with concrete floors cause my little bugger is 7 months and crawling all over so we had to get carpets in asap so can’t imagine with two! x


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