Extremely belated Birthday thank yous!

Okay, I wrote this post weeks ago. And for some reason or other I never got around to posting it?? (I think it was something to do with needing the computer for the photos?) But, better late than never right? (I keep telling you I’m not very organised!)


I would just like to say a massive Thank you to everyone who wished William a happy birthday, and to those who also bought him a present. They were all well received (eventually.. we made the mistake of opening a toy first..) and all I can say is he is one spoilt little boy!

I really struggled to find something to buy for William, I wanted to get him something he could use, but also something that could last him longer than a few weeks. I’d suggested clothes as gifts from others (and definitely NOT musical toys – A note which didn’t make it’s way round everyone apparently, aha.) and to me, clothes didn’t seem appropriate from us as parents. So I hummed and ahh-ed, eventually settling on Mega Bloks and slippers. Now to some, we might seem quite stingy at only getting him a few presents, but for us, we didn’t really see the necessity in buying everything and more for our one year old. He doesn’t understand the concept that it’s his birthday and that this means presents! Not only that, but with the size of our families combined, William wasn’t going to be left with pittance.

I was going to buy a “smart trike” but after weighing up the price of it vs the amount of use he’d actually get out of it didn’t really seem worth it to me, so I decided against it.

So what did he get then Becky?


A brand new wardrobe. Yippee! I love kids clothes, and he got some really cute bits too!

  • 6 x trousers
  • 6 x tops
  • 2 x PJ sets
  • 2 x shirts
  • 2 x jumpers
  • 1 x trainers


Toys, toys, and more toys!

  • A Ball Pit
  • A building block walker
  • A tractor
  • Leapfrog pad
  • Peter Rabbit cup/bowl/plate set
  • “ROAR” book
  • Wooden automobile puzzle board
  • Learn the Alphabet wooden abacus
  • A Sheep
  • Bubble Train
  • Wind up Crocodile bath toy

So really, he was super spoilt and a very lucky boy indeed! A few months on, and every piece of clothing has been worn, the ball pit has been put away because I got fed up of finding balls in the toilet and generally everywhere but the pit, the ROAR book is very much loved, the tractor/train and block walker are still in their boxes…partially due to me not getting them out, but also because there are already hundreds of toys out already. – It’s time for a swap around and a hide up.


Are you stuck on what to buy a One year old for their birthday or Christmas? Here’s my top 10:

  1. Clothes will always be a winner with me. Whether they’re clothes to fit the child now or a size bigger to fit later on, it’s always handy to have clothes!
  2. A ball pit. William (and Lily) absolutely love the ball pit! It’s created hours of fun, and it became almost like a den for the two of them.
  3. Books. The hard ones though, not ones with flimsy pages that can be ripped out!
  4. Certain musical toys. (Depends how much you like the parents…) Ones which have to be pressed to be activated are much nicer than the ones which randomly start singing without being touched. William loves his VTECH Musical DJ, it’s loud but it stops after a few minutes of inactivity.
  5. Bath Toys!
  6. 2 Piece puzzles. Or like what William got ^ the automobile puzzle board.
  7. A Walker, more useful for those who haven’t quite mastered walking yet, but an interactive one still makes for great fun for tots who are walking too!
  8. A Rocking Animal (horse/sheep/caterpillar etc.)
  9. Stacking toys.
  10. Or something more sentimental, a My First Year Book.

These are just a drop in the ocean of what’s available out there! William has, like I said, been extremely lucky with what he received on his birthday. So thank you again to everyone who attended his birthday gathering and who bought him a gift.


Becky x



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