“They grow up so fast!”

When you become a parent, one of the most common sentences you’ll hear from veteran parents is, “enjoy it whilst they’re young, they grow up so fast!” At first you just nod and agree politely, and just think they’re trying to put their two pence worth in. And then the next thing you know, your baby is a babbling, walking toddler with hair and teeth (and a proper little attitude!) or even more scarily, you’re choosing which primary school to send your child to, and you just look at your baby and think, “when did this happen?!” The veteran parents were right. As much as we try to keep them little for longer, we blink and suddenly our babies have grown up.

For my kiddos, this statement is far too true. Lily is 6 going on 16, and William is learning everything at an exceptional rate, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. From when I joined Lily’s life 3 years ago to now, it’s pretty amazing to have seen her progression from a baby-faced little girl, to a “proper little girl” who is now finding her own voice and losing the baby-ness. From the way she holds herself to the conversations she has between peers and family alike, it’s truly fascinating to see just how mature she really is (aside from the everyday discussion of poo and farts – some things will always be immature and funny!) And it’s not just me who’s noticed! I had the same discussion with Lily’s Nanny earlier, which is kind of what sparked this post.


Superstar at the dentist!


Only yesterday we took Lily to the dentist, and there was:

  • no fuss,
  • no tears,
  • no sad faces – nothing.

She sat down on the dentists chair straight away, did as he asked her to do and just took it all in. I couldn’t believe it! Last time we went, Daddy had to sit on the chair and have a check up first to show Lily what the dentist was going to do, and this time she practically barged through to get onto that “magic chair!”


Credit: Google Images


In half a year, Lily has simply grown up. I think part of it is just down to being “that age” and naturally maturing, but I also think a lot of it comes from her social interactions with school friends, teachers and family alike. For example, going to the dentist is a big deal for children, and they love to share their experiences with one another and flash their stickers they got for being brave and having brilliant teeth. The best sentence came from Lily yesterday, she said: “It’s scary this year mummy…I’m turning 7!” – I couldn’t help but laugh at her seriousness, but it made me think…Even she feels that time is going fast. I look back on my childhood and remember it feeling like an eternity some days, and now at 22 I wonder where the time went. Our concept of time speeds up as we get older, and being able to watch the growth of a child from birth really is a beautiful thing, and it shows you just how short time really is. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two, but I also don’t want them to grow up. The above picture really captures how I feel about being a parent, and I’m sure many others will agree with it too. I need to take a step back from the stressing of things to come, and just enjoy what’s going on in the now.

Becky x





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