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I’ve been AFK. Sorry…

Sorry! I’ve been AFK (away from keyboard) for what seems a long time, I’ve really been trying to get more active on here, but truth is by the time the kids are in bed and I’ve finished up with the other housewife business (washing up/tidying up etc) I really cannot be arsed to sit here and stare blankly at a computer screen. 7pm rolls around and I’m ready with the kids to go to bed! (Plus, I really don’t like being on the computer when the kids are awake, I feel rude and I don’t want them to think life revolves around a square screen!) So apologies for this!


I’ve been advised to add feature photos onto my blog too, so watch this space because when I can be arsed I’ll start filling in the plainness of my blog homepage with lovely headers!

So what have I been doing?

Whilst I’ve been AFK, I’m sure I’ve started to witness the beginnings of the so called “terrible twos” with William…(who is 14 months…see, not two yet – what is going on?) He has acquired a certain attitude, which comes in the form of throwing the closest object to him on the floor when he’s told “no.” One object isn’t enough though, it’s more like 2 or 3, and then it’s a full blown drop-to-his-knees-in-a-dramatic-drop-whilst-screaming-as-loud-as-possible-(not to mention crocodile tears too)-when told no a second time. It’s all very over the top and ridiculous, and very hard not to laugh at (because remember, he’s being told no!) He’s also decided that he no longer likes potato. Of all things. Potato. The one thing I use in about 90% of dinner meals…It doesn’t matter what form it comes in, waffle/croquet/mashed/chips he will not eat it. *sigh*
He’s also become a danger at bath time too! I literally now have to wrestle him to sit down and get him washed before he stands up and flings himself forward. I used to enjoy bath time, now it’s become a game of “how quick can I get William washed and out of the bath?” Which sucks for both of us, but I won’t be the parent on duty for when an accident happens, so until he settles down we’ll be having super quick bath time. But! There is a silver lining (hallelujah.) He’s coming on leaps and bounds with his babbling! It’s so lovely to hear him chunter away, even if he is calling the TV Remote “dada.”
He loves to be outdoors too, but if he falls over on the grass he will do anything in his power not to put his hands down on the grass to get back up. (Which is great if you want a 5 minute rest from running after him.) He’s also cut another tooth, a random lower back left one, I originally thought it was porridge – tried to scrape it away and found that it was quite hard and solid…not porridge…


The classic knee-drop tantrum.


Martin and I have spent the past couple of days taking advantage of the lovely weather and sorted the back garden out (I’ve even used my washing line for the first time this year!) It’s quite a big garden, and over the winter the grass had grown pretty long. We ran out of lawn mower blades quite quickly (ours uses the crappy plastic things) so we had to continue the next day once we got more. The kids absolutely love being outside, and I love them being out there too! We bought a bouncy ball for them to kick about and play with too, next on the list will be a table and chairs, and a small slide for William (Lily’s is a bit too big for him right now.)

We also had parents evening at school for Lily this week, and I am super happy to report that she is ace-ing year 1! Her teacher had nothing but praise for Lily, which as parents, is exactly what you want to hear. Of course there were a few pointers for her to improve on and things to focus on for the new learning objectives, but I would have been surprised if there wasn’t – She’s only 6! As long as she enjoys going to school and isn’t having a hard time, then I’m not concerned about anything else. She’s also excelling with her reading, moving up levels like no ones business! She makes me chuckle with some of the things she says, for example: I had a conversation with Lily the other day which went like this:
*It’s raining on the walk home from school*
Lily: Mummy, my feet are wet.
Me: Oh are they? Why’s that? Is the rain water getting in?
Lily: I have a hole in my shoes!
Me: Do you?! How long have you had the holes?
Lily: …ages…
Me: *exasperation* You need to tell me when things like this happen, I don’t go around in my spare time looking at the bottoms of everyone’s shoes on the off chance there might be a hole! We’ll buy you a new pair in the holidays!
It’s times like these when you regret saying the likes of “mummy’s know everything!” – because apparently, it’s not true! It was just the tone in which she said, “ages,” made me do a double take to make sure I was bringing the right child home! I could almost feel the head wobble and eye roll that most likely accompanied it. The little girl is growing into her “big girl boots” and with it comes the sassy attitude. It’s a bittersweet feeling really, on one hand I love that Lily is becoming more independent and growing up, but on the other hand I want her to remain the little girl I know her to be!

Mothers Day

Mothers day is a great day, I love that we have a day to celebrate doing the best (And hardest) job there is, but it falls too close to my birthday for my liking! Nevermind though, I get to have two celebrations within a week period! We didn’t do much for Mothers Day this year, Lily handmade me a card which was really cute, and I was given some daffodils from her the other day at school after the Mothers Day service with school. I spent half an hour doing some DIY and assembling two personalised chairs for the kids (which may or may not have been a Christmas present, and I may or may not have forgot about them…) It’s done now though! They’re a little bit small for Lily, but the perfect size for William. I was very grateful for the instructions, everything was labelled and explained easily enough, and lets be honest, if I could understand the instructions, anyone would be able to! And then we started to sort out the back garden. (Next year I might be more specific and ask to *not* have to cook dinner…!) Overall it was a lovely relaxed day 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s about it! We’re having a chilled out week with Martin being off work on holiday, and to top it off, he’s been relocated to a closer store to home! Now instead of travelling 45 minutes every day to and from work and getting in at 7pm each night, he will be home at 5.45pm and actually be able to see the kids a lot more! It’s going to make for happy kids and a happy mumma! 😀

Now to get organised for the Easter Holidays…more on that later!

Becky x


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