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The Easter Holidays are Over…

Well, we are day 2 back into the routine of school runs and packed lunches and I am already knackered. (I’ll blame it on the fact that William had me up every hour from 3am last night until it was time to get up.) To be honest, I’m glad to be back into it. The holidays were great, they were just what we all needed to recharge and relax, but it started to become a TV fest towards the last couple of days, and I could sense the build up of impatience and the “I’m bored” scenarios. So to be back at school is a welcome relief all around!

We had a wonderful Easter Break though, I think we had the right balance of activities and chill-out days. So what did we do? Well, Martin worked most of it unfortunately, which left just me and the kids to find things to do!

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In the first week, we had Lily’s cousin Lizzie stay round on Monday, and play all day Tuesday. Lily then went to hers for a sleepover and we had a chilled out family day on Wednesday as Martin was off.
On Thursday, we went to the Town Hall where there was a “Cosmos Event” on, a space/science event thanks to the Cambridge Science Centre.  Here Lily was able to try out different activities, such as creating energy by spinning a wheel with copper wires in to generate watts to turn a lightbulb on, and the faster she spun, the more watts she created; in which she was able to turn other objects on! There was also a stand on infrared, where she got to use a special camera to see how it worked, and she got to read about the life cycle of a star (which was a bit technical, I don’t think she really took much in from that!) Her favourite part of this event though was being able to make a bracelet using the colours of the spectrum that we can see with the human eye (AKA: a rainbow.) They also included Ultra Violet and Infrared beads too, which changed colour when you put them in sunlight or when exposed to heat. Pretty nifty! We then spent all afternoon at the park with some school friends and even got an ice cream.
On Friday we had an arts and crafts day, where we made a space rocket for part of Lily’s homework, but it was great fun – and in my opinion she did a cracking job!
We spent pretty much the whole of Saturday at Nanny’s house, enjoying the wonderful sunshine and playing in the garden (I say we, Nanny and the kids did! I retreated to the cool shade of the kitchen!)
On Sunday I got to look after my gorgeous nephew Thomas for the day! They all played wonderfully together, and we spent most of it outside in the garden! When he was picked up, the kids and I went to my sisters house for a BBQ which was lovely! Although, my other nephew Ethan was suffering from what we thought was chicken pox bless him.

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Onto week two!

Monday to Wednesday, Lily stayed round her mums, and so William and I went around and saw Martins aunties and uncles. On Wednesday, we had Lily’s other cousin Ella come around in the afternoon for a play, followed on Thursday by Lily going round hers to play. Unfortunately for William, he had a shockingly awful night on Wednesday – I could tell he was coming down with something as he didn’t eat his dinner and he fell asleep on me almost instantly after being taken out of his highchair. It turned out that he’d caught Hand, Foot and Mouth (Little did I know at the time.) So that kind of made us housebound for the rest of the holidays! I did pop out with the kids on Saturday to buy Lily a new pair of school shoes, as her old ones had holes in (which I wasn’t told about until it was peeing down with rain and Lily says “Mummy, my feet are wet! My shoes have holes in…” To which my response was “How long have you known this? I don’t go around in my spare time looking at the bottoms of everyone’s shoes!” She’d known a long time apparently.) And of course, Sunday was spent with the family and a yummy-scrummy roast! We spent Monday preparing everything to go back to school, and even managed to get a few more pieces of homework done!

And there we have it, two happy kiddos (almost) over two weeks. I think I might be alright in the summer holidays…! Maybe I’m pushing my luck a little, who knows!

Are you glad to be back to school? What did you get up to in the holidays?

Becky x


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