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Our Third Anniversary.

On Saturday, Martin and I celebrated our third anniversary of being together, and thanks to Grandma and Nanny, we got to celebrate on a date night without the kids! (Much to Lily’s disappointment that she wouldn’t be joining in.)


It’s a rarity that we are ever completely child free, we can often lose one but not the other. So we were very much grateful that, not only were we child-free for the evening, but for the whole night! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! – And quite literally too. Our very first “proper” date was at Nandos (I love me a bit of chicken, – and Martin had never been before, so of course I had to change that!) and since then we’ve been each year on our anniversary. To make it more romantic, we strolled along the riverside, but it was bloody cold so it didn’t last too long.


And then the night really got going! We were home by 8pm, and in our PJ’s by 8.05. After dinner we’d popped to Tesco to grab some popcorn, and we cosied up on the sofa to none other than Bridget Jones’ #2. (The best part was it wasn’t even my choice of film!) And with no kids to wake us up on Sunday, we rolled out of bed at 10.30am. A time I haven’t woken up to since before I entered this relationship! We spent the day doing absolutely sod-all (which I later regretted, I could have had an immaculate household!) but lets face it, as soon as the kids were home it would’ve looked like a sh*thole anyway, so I thought bugger it. The housework can be done another day.


I look back at the last three years and wonder where in the world the time has gone! As a couple, we have quite literally pulled each other through the tough times, and been each others shoulder/rock. Martin is my best friend, and I’m just so grateful that I took the plunge to try and make a go of things with him. After all, I was going from being a single 20 year old to joining a pre-made family! (see here for the whole story.) It was quite a big decision to make… Now 3 years later we are a family of 4, (5 if you include the cat…) we have a house, Martin works full time and our kids are two very happy kids indeed, which I firmly believe is down to a happy household.

I know 3 years seems quite short in comparison to others, but I’m not comparing my life to anyone else’s. Our family works, and we are happy. To be honest, I can’t really see an alternate past for me, I just don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t got with Martin, and I don’t really want to either. We’re happier than ever, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

So happy anniversary Martin, may we have many more to come. ♥



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