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A Sleepover. The Verdict.

Sorry for the delay on this post. I went to write it on Saturday evening, but Eurovision was on. Priorities.

In my previous post, (which you can read here) I wrote about how Lily went off to her first Beavers sleepover. And here I am with the verdict! *drum roll, please*

I dropped Lily off at 7pm, with all the hoohaa that goes with a Beavers sleepover, and walked out of the doors whilst she was busily looking for her teddy in the mountainous pile of said hoohaa with the expectations of a full on snotty-nosed crying Lily running after me, clinging onto my leg for dear life begging me not to leave her. And when that didn’t happen I had my phone on loud, checking it every 5 minutes to see if I’d received a phone call from the leader asking me to pick her up. To my delight, that didn’t happen either!

Instead, I had a restless nights sleep (forever wondering if I was going to get the phone call.) And then I had to wait until 2.30pm to pick her up. I knew by the morning if I hadn’t had the call by now, I wasn’t going to. Lily had been far too excited about going to the cinema!

So, roll on 2.30pm and I walk into the hall which is filled with parents and beavers and a large amount of hoohaa from 16 other kids! I spot Lily trying desperately to pick all her kit up and she saw me and yelled, “Mummy!!” and dropped it all (“all” being a pillow.) From first impressions, I wasn’t too sure she’d had a good time, but she looked at me with a beaming face and shoved her hand into mine. “LOOK WHAT I’VE GOT!” Well, I would but you’ve got your hand  in my face that close I’ve gone cross eyed…On further inspection, I saw that Lily had in fact been awarded her very first Beavers Badge! If you read this post you’ll know one of the reasons Lily wanted to start Beavers in the first place was to collect badges! So not only had she been amazingly brave and stayed away from us in a new place with people she barely knew (when you put it like that and it makes you understand why she was apprehensive in the first place!) she was rewarded with a badge which she so desperately wanted!


And to top it off, at the next meet, Lily will be invested – for those who don’t know what that is, it’s when you officially become part of that group, you are given *more* badges to say what district you belong to, your official membership badge, and a neckar(not sure how to spell that one haha) which looks like a scarf.  So, I am one extremely proud parent, and I sincerely hope Lily is just as proud of herself too!

How did your little ones handle their first sleepover?

Becky x


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