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General Update on the Family.

I realised the other day that the kids are growing at an exponential rate, and I haven’t really documented much on what they’ve been doing – which was the whole point of this blog! So, lets crack on with what’s been happening!


Firstly, we have one more week left at school before we’re on half term (again!) Honestly, it feels like we’ve only just had one! Now I have to get my brain into gear and find some things for us to do! Lily is still thoroughly enjoying school, and doing really well too. Her reading and writing gets better every time I listen to her or watch her write something. Sometimes it’s quite fun to read what she’s written, at this age it’s still spell-by-sound, so the words don’t look anything how they’re supposed to, but more how they sound. Each week she’ll come home and discuss the likes of “split diagraphs” and “phonic sounds” (don’t worry, I didn’t have a clue either…) and so some words which sound like they have the “er” sound could be spelled with “ur” instead. Or sneaky words that have an E on the end which you can’t hear, or if it’s a curly C or a kicking K, or both together – no wonder the poor souls get confused at times! But! Lily seems to be picking it all up rather well! She’s also really enjoying maths. Her current topic at school is coins, so we’ve been practising them at home (every coin is a penny at the minute…) but she’s loving it and learning so it’s all good! Can you believe there’s only 2 months left of Year 1…At Lily’s school they’ve been doing tests in each subject (which the teachers didn’t tell us) but they are just internal tests to allow the teachers to see where each child is at to prepare and give their Year 2 teacher an idea as to what levels they’re working at; who’ll need more help with what etc. I totally understand why they didn’t tell the parents about this, as it would’ve been unnecessary stress for us and for the children – none of them said anything about the tests until they were over!


Lily’s been testing the waters with what she can get away with too – nothing disastrous, silly little things like not washing her hands or wiping after going to the toilet (okay, in her defence there was no toilet roll on the stand) or not eating her breakfast when I’ve asked her to. All of which are completely normal kid-like things to do, and with each one there was a lie to go with it. Now, I don’t mind these things not being done because I’ll just turn her around and send her back to do it all properly, but one thing I won’t tolerate is lying. I’ll say to Lily, you get in more trouble for lying than you do for telling the truth. Yes, I know they’re silly little child lies, “yes, I’ve washed my hands/brushed my teeth” – but I want the trust to be there as they get older. The lies won’t be about brushing teeth, they’ll be about where there were at 10pm last night or “no I didn’t go to so and so’s house party and get drunk…” (I know we’re a long way off these yet) but my point is, I want my kids to be open and honest with me and for them to know I won’t be angry or cross with them so long as they tell me the truth.


Other than that, Lily is a beauty, and she’s so full of love it’s beautiful to see. Every chance she gets, she’s hugging or playing with William, and now she’s hugging me (my tummy really) and is already so in love with a sibling she hasn’t even met yet. Honestly, this little girl has a heart of gold, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t say, “I love you” at least 3 times to any one of us throughout the day. She’s still loving her swimming lessons, and with nicer weather and longer days, I’m sure we’ll be able to squeeze a few swimming sessions in our local pool on the weekends and holidays! (Maybe even get a paddling pool…hint hint Martin…)


William is growing both in height and weight. This little (not so little) man is a solid mass of child, you really do have to bend your knees to lift him or you’ll put your back out haha! (Sorry buddy, it’s true though.) He’s really getting a personality on him now, at 16 months he’s still destroying my kitchen cupboards, putting things down the toilet that really shouldn’t be put down there, hiding important things…Such as the other day, on Friday I spent 2 hours looking for Martins GoPro – which we knew was in the house somewhere! And just as I was about done with tearing apart the living room for the 3rd time, I had a lightbulb moment. I looked in the shoe cupboard and tipped my boots upside down, and out fell the GoPro…I’d left my boots in the living room that day and put them away in the afternoon, obviously William had done the deed before I realised!


He’s also gained a temper from hell. I honestly don’t know where it’s come from, but he does not share. He will pull you by the scruff of the neck if he has to to get what he wants. And when he doesn’t, or we tell him no, well the theatrics that come out are unreal; Full on screaming, hitting, throwing and crying – the lot, and then it’s over! We have this on a number of occasions throughout the day, so it’s all good fun…


William still isn’t saying many coherent words other than “mum-mum” or “dad-dad” but he quite happily babbles away in his own language, making all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds. He can understand a lot more than he can say. He knows:

  • “say bye bye/night night” and you’ll get a wave.
  • “give —– a kiss” and you’ll get a kiss (well…an opened mouthed slobber on the face.)
  • “Let’s get a botbot and go nu-nights” and he’ll follow you into the kitchen for his bottle.
  • “No” and you’ll get a tantrum, or the defiant glare of “I’m gonna do it anyway mum.”
  • He’ll clap his hands if you ask him to.
  • He’ll high five you.
  • He’ll hold your hand when you ask him to (when crossing roads especially!)
  • He’ll join in with the hand motions for “wind the bobbin up” (tries to at least!) and loves having nursery rhymes sung to him.
  • He’ll laugh when he farts…
  • He’ll get what he wants to eat out of the cupboard and give it to you to open for him.
  • He’ll bring his empty cup/bottle to you for refilling.
  • He knows he needs shoes on to go outside (and will let you put them on!)

and so much more, I could be here all day listing what he’s understanding! We don’t give kids enough credit really, they are literally sponges soaking up everything around them! I say it every time, but these two kids love each other to the bone. Williams face lights up when he sees Lily, and Lily is straight in there with cuddles and games with him. It just melts my heart to watch them.

Martin is still enjoying working closer to home, as am I! It means I can walk into town and pop in to say hi, or drop off his forgotten lunches (which have been less and less! well done!) or to borrow his bank card…heh…But no, it’s genuinely lovely to have him come home at a reasonable hour and get to spend time with the kids, as opposed to before when he’d get 5 minutes before I shipped them off to bed!


Last week I had Lucy the cat spayed at the vets for a whopping £10!! The RSPCA have set up a neutering scheme to get people to have their cats done to prevent unwanted kittens as they have reached a crisis point for them. So for £10 I had Lucy spayed AND microchipped! Bargain much?! She’s been so good too. I thought we’d have the usual battle of trying to keep the cone on her head, but she tried a few times and gave up with it! Her wound is healed nicely, but she did get an ear infection, so unfortunately the cone is on for an extra two days whilst the ear drops work their magic.

I also had a change around in our bedroom, got rid of two chest of drawers in my room in exchange for one larger one for Martin and I to share. Started off as a great idea and by the end of it I was totally fed up! But it’s all done now! Williams room will be my next mission! It’s currently blankets galore in there.

And that pretty much sums us up for now! I’ll work on keeping this updated more regularly…we’ll see haha.

Becky x



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