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Team Blue, or Pink?

Now the secret is out about Baby Berney #3 being on it’s way, I left you all waiting a little bit longer to find out whether we’ll be sporting Team Blue or Pink!

Wait no longer, as the video is up and ready for you all to see and your wonderings can be put to rest. When we decided that we wanted to do a gender reveal, Martin came up with the idea to merge it with his new found love of Paintballing. He was so excited about this that I had to agree it sounded pretty fun – I mean, who wouldn’t take the chance to splatter their loved ones with paint?!


It took a little bit or organising, as neither of us knew what we were having, we had to buy pink paint, and substitute blue paint for green (as blue is rarely used for paintballing these days.) Martin had already booked in at Warzone Paintballing for Saturday, so we arranged for myself and the kids to pop down just after lunch to do it – and we timed it perfectly really!

Once we got there, I handed the envelope over to Martins cousin, Ian, who filled up two gun hoppers with the pink and green paint, and Scott lent me his face mask (as they are very strict with safety, once you passed the “safety zone” you have to wear a mask – and rightly so! Paintballs can be dangerous!) By this point I was a bit nervous. Not for hurting Martin, but more so because I’d never fired a paintball gun! Thankfully, Andy, the site owner was there to help and direct me on how to use it! – We had a slightly delayed start as I went to shoot and nothing happened…Something about air not being turned on or something? I’m not sure…but it got fixed and I was soon splatting Martin with paint!


In the safety zone, everyone stood and watched, Lily was at the front with my phone recording next to Nanny whilst Grandad was unfortunately trying to console a screaming William at the back! One of Martins friends kindly recorded the event on his GoPro, and two of the Warzone Marshalls, Emma and Jessica were amazing and took some cracking photos on a “proper camera” (you know those big black ones?)

Honestly, we can’t thank everyone enough for helping us out on this day:

  • To Nanny and Grandad for playing Taxi, and driving us down there in the first place
  • To all the staff at Warzone Paintballing for being so accommodating and kind and for the amazing photographs too!
  • To my mum for keeping it a secret for a whole 9 days!

If you live in the Norfolk area, and you’re keen to check out paintballing, do head over to Warzones website and have a look! 🙂

And now… The Reveal. Enjoy!

Becky x


I wasn’t endorsed for the promotion of Warzone Paintballing. It is just my way of saying thank you to them for allowing us to do this.



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