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Lily was Invested!

After a few tears, tummy aches and nerves of starting Beavers, Lily now has the uniform AND got invested last week!


As I explained briefly before, being invested into Beavers is basically an initiation ceremony. Everyone stands in a circle, and the Leader calls forward the newcomers to stand in front of them and put their left hand on the Scout flag and make the Scouts hand symbol with their right. (2nd, 3rd and 4th finger kept up with thumb and baby finger down.) In our case, Lily was the only one being invested this week. Lily walked forward with the biggest grin on her face, and then her Leader asked her to repeat the Scouts Promise after her, and then she was awarded with a Necker and badges!

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Martin and I were allowed to stay and watch, which was wonderful as we got to take photos and be a part of Lily being invested!

Now, I’m not the best at sewing (in fact I’m pretty pants!) but I’ve attempted to sew on one of the badges, which I think I’ll be re-doing it at a later date. I still have 3 more to sew on, plus one more that they had run out of at the time of investing.


Attempt number 1…


What badges do you get? There are 4 that are given when you’re invested:

  1. The Scout World Badge. (Membership badge.) This is displayed on the chest, it’s a round purple badge with the scout logo in the middle. (This is the one we are currently missing!)
  2. District Badge. This is a rectangular badge that is displayed on the right arm. As with counties, Scouts use districts to divvy up England, and this badge tells you what district you’re in.
  3. Group Name Tape. As you can imagine, there are lots of scouting groups all over England, and there are multiple groups in the same town. This badge identifies which group you’re a part of, and is displayed above the district badge on the right arm.
  4. Group Badge. Similar to the tape ^, this can be displayed either below the district badge on the right arm, or on the necker.

(I know I’ve been referring to Scouts, – Beavers is a part of Scouts, it’s just designed for younger children!)


Being awarded the badges!


And of course, Lily received her first badge after completing her first sleepover with Beavers! So, I have one very proud daughter, and she has two very proud parents! I hope she continues to enjoy going, and I’m sure I’ll be a sewing whizz by the time she’s finished!

Becky x


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