The Day Out That Didn’t Go to Plan.

It’s half term, so far we’ve been in full holiday-mode and just lounged about in our PJ’s and enjoying the back garden (mainly because mummy can’t be arsed to go out…) but hey-ho, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the luxuries of your own home!


Now, I’d been looking forward to today, (Wednesday) as it was Martin’s only day off work in the holidays, so I was determined to plan a day out as a family and go somewhere fun and have a day together. (Which we all know is a feat in itself for me to organise something!!) So I sat about last night thinking of places where we could go, and I remembered seeing an advert on Facebook a few weeks ago for an animal sanctuary. Excellent! It’s going to be a nice day, it’ll be outdoors, there will be horses and other animals that Lily will love, and William can run around too! An all-round winner. I went on trusty google to find out opening times, how much entry would cost and how to actually get there. You know when the universe is giving you subtle hints that some things shouldn’t happen, or you shouldn’t go somewhere? I’m sure that’s what I had today. I’d decided to make a picnic for us to take to save on money, but we had no bread. (Sign #1) I then took advantage of the blissful weather and hung some washing out on the line, and in doing so I got a splinter in my foot. (Sign #2) We were running behind the schedule I had in my head, which was only delayed further as William decided he was going to throw the biggest tantrum in the history of tantrums, resulting in having to make him a bottle and waiting for him to finish that. (Sign #3)

In the back of my mind I thought the advert had said the sanctuary was near Cromer, Norfolk. So when Google pointed us in the direction of Norwich, I just assumed I’d got muddled up with another place and didn’t think any more of it. (Common sense would’ve been to ring up to double check. I didn’t do this. I’m blaming baby brain.) After a relatively straightforward drive, a pitstop at McDonalds, (why did I make a picnic?) minimal complaints from the kids and less traffic than anticipated; I was quite upbeat about getting to the sanctuary. And then we got there…”Where is everyone? I thought this place would be packed in the half term!” So did I Martin. We walked up the Reception and were greeted by a really lovely man, who then informed us that this sanctuary was closed to the public but their other sanctuary site (with the same name) was open. He handed us a leaflet with the directions on how to get there, which begged the question of how many other people have done this?

The website itself that I went on was totally overcrowded with information, it was really hard to navigate and no where could I find anything about a 2nd sanctuary location. (I’ll have another look now that I know there IS another location!) By this point, we’d been in the sauna box for over an hour getting there, and it was potentially another half an hour’s drive to the other place (which in this weather was half an hour too long – not to mention it would’ve been longer as we’d be heading towards the coast: like everyone else.) So we were pretty stumped as to what to do now! “Why don’t you give your Nana a call? She’s literally 5 minutes away from here.”

So that’s what we did. I rang my Nana up and we spent the afternoon with my grandparents, which was wonderful. It wasn’t the family day out I had planned, but it ended up being a nice trip out anyway!

As much as a lovely day we ended up having, the Mum Guilt right now is at an all time high. Lily was devastated that we didn’t get to see the horses and ponies, so now I’m going to be spending the rest of the holidays grovelling and trying to make it up to her with unlimited access to Minecraft and cake for breakfast, y’know…all the things we don’t usually allow. This is a prime example as to why I don’t plan anything, and if I ever do try again, I’ll become military mum and have it all written out on paper and ring the destination beforehand to double check it’s open…heh…

Have you had days out that didn’t go to plan?

Becky x




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