Pregnancy: Week 23.

Pregnancy Update 23p.png

So here we are, over half way already! Let’s find out what’s happening.

The Baby

At present, the baby is now the size of a “large mango,” just a little over 500g (and boy can I feel it!) and is measuring around 28cm (with our genes, it wouldn’t surprise me if Baby Berney is measuring longer haha!) They are becoming more sensitive to sounds in the outside world too, our voices are more distinct and they can start to hear sounds further away.

Baby Berney is getting stronger each day, with kicks and movement feeling more powerful. I constantly feel movement throughout the day, around about 10am, 2.30pm (school run!) and of course, bedtime – (because obviously it’s more fun to play mummy up even before I’m born!) He’s starting to react to others around me too, he likes daddy’s voice and will happily kick away for him – no shyness here! and Daddy felt the first fluttery movements around 18 weeks which was pretty special.


Before this week, even though I knew I was pregnant, I didn’t really feel the effects of it on my body, but now I’m definitely “feeling pregnant.” It’s like Bump has just appeared from nowhere and the weight of it is certainly slowing me down now too. No more power walking for the school run, I’ve actually got to be a bit more organised and leave a bit earlier! But I love it, I’m finally starting to enjoy being pregnant. Whether that’s because my mood has improved, or that I can feel kicks I don’t know! Whatever it is, it needs to keep it up. The wake-up calls for the 3am toilet trips have really kicked in this week too, (although I don’t think they ever really went away when I was pregnant with William!) It’s a lot more tiring this time round, with a 16 month old to run around after, and added activities after school with Lily, life is certainly a lot busier! It’s making the time pass a lot quicker too, (hence why the updates are so late in!) and before you know it, D-Day will be here. Keeping busy obviously adds to the tiredness, with my first pregnancy I only had Lily to worry about, which meant I could rest up in between school hours and bedtime; which is not the case this time around! So if you’re enjoying your first pregnancy, take the advice of “resting when you can” because you’re sure going to need it!

As I started this so late in, you can Catch up from the start here! 

Becky x




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