Pregnancy: From Start – 22wks.

As you can tell, I’ve started this waaaaay later than I’d planned to. I Initially wanted to do a week by week from when we found out, but like the lemon I am, I forgot. So, I’ll do a quick summary here and then you can catch up from week 23 and it’ll follow weekly from then onwards on a Friday.

Baby Berney #3 waving hello! 12wks

It was the weekend before Martins 25th birthday that I found out I was pregnant. Martin had made a comment at me along the lines of, “I wish your period would hurry up, you’re miserable AF and a right moody cow!” and I decided I’d take a test *just in case.* During that week I thought I’d be coming on any time as I was extremely emotional, to the point where I found myself crying in the kitchen because William had fallen over and broken the biscuit he had in his hand. (I was upset about the biscuit, not him falling over just for clarity – I know, priorities.) and then the next day I was crying hysterically at the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out; which I’d seen hundreds of times and never battered an eyelid!

On the Saturday, Martin and his friends were all off to go paintballing for his birthday. I popped upstairs and did the test, and I’d barely even peed on it before the two lines appeared! “Well, that can’t be right…It must be a faulty test!” I thought, so I took the 2nd test that came in the pack too, and the same thing happened! I tried to reason that maybe I’d just bought a crappy packet, (they were only Wilkos own cheap ones – which are just as good as the expensive ones!) but once I’d thought about it, it all made sense really. Walking downstairs, feeling like I was walking on clouds I stood and peeked my head outside the front door and said to Martin, “My period isn’t coming this month…” and he knew what I meant as his smile stretched from ear to ear when he said, “You’re pregnant!” Happy Birthday! And that’s where we start.


Lily’s drawing of the baby…The orange line is the Umbilical Cord lol.


It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine this time around.

It’s taken a long time for me to feel happy about being pregnant. Now I know that makes me sound ungrateful and uncaring, but I’m being honest. It’s not because I don’t want the baby, because that is at the complete opposite end of the stick here – I can’t wait! For me though, the past few months have been difficult (and I know I’ve been difficult to be around!) I found myself constantly tired, even more so than usual, and I eventually found out this was partially due to low iron levels. I was given iron tablets 2 months after the first midwife appointment as no one had rung to tell me I had a prescription waiting at the doctors, so I found out at my next midwife appointment! I felt dizzy every time I stood up, which I also found out was because of low blood pressure, and I was(am) moody and grumpy (primarily due to tiredness.) and I found myself lacking in motivation of any kind. So it’s been a bit of a shitty ride so far, but I’ve been perking up towards the end of my 2nd trimester.

Along with all these wonderful attributes to pregnancy, I’ve been eating like a horse. With William, I actually lost weight in my first trimester as I felt so sick and couldn’t really stomach much food. This time around, the tables have turned and I’ve been eating everything in sight. During my first trimester it got to the point where if I didn’t eat little and often or I left the “slightly hungry feeling” too long, I felt sick. Thankfully I was never actually sick, but there were days when I’d stand and cry in the kitchen, or be hovering in the bathroom with my head in the toilet. It wasn’t nice to say the least. On the bright side though I had no aversions to any food! Nor any cravings, (again, annoyingly!) So I could at least still enjoy food I liked. Whilst the sickness had sidled away at around 14 weeks, my want for food did not. Even now Martin will come home and say, “Are you still eating?!” Yes…yes I am…


Baby Berney @ 20wks bump!


I think my mood and enjoyment for the pregnancy perked up around 18 weeks in when Martin felt the first fluttery kicks one night. It just made it that much more real. Now, whether this was due to tiredness or just general idiocy, I had many moments when I forgot I was pregnant. Walking upstairs and getting out of breath (ok, this isn’t so much a pregnancy related-issue, I’m unfit anyway ha.) but even more so than usual, or the constant need to go pee. A week or two would go by and I’d just suddenly remember, “Oh yeah, I’m pregnant!” With William, I had an app which I checked weekly to see his progression and what new and exciting things were happening inside, and things to consider etc. This time around it’s been more like, “ah…I forgot to check last weeks, and the week before…” Sorry kiddo, 2nd baby syndrome is happening for us. But I’ll still love you the same. I’m not forgetting so much now, mainly because I cant’ fit into a lot of my clothes and I’m being Jackie Chan-ed in the stomach a lot! From early on, around about 8 weeks or so I could feel the beginnings of change in my tummy area, each week I could feel the stretching a movement of my body making a home for the bump-to-come! I’ve been able to distinguish the body changes a lot more easily this time around as I understand more of what it is I’m actually feeling having done it once before. Whilst they aren’t the most comfortable of feelings, it’s a pleasant reminder that my body is doing something amazing.

A summary:

  • I felt like arse in the first trimester, eating everything in sight and constantly feeling sick and tired.
  • I perked up in the second trimester, still eating everything in sight but no longer feeling sick and actually starting to enjoy being pregnant. (Still ridiculously tired though!)

On we go to the third trimester…into the joyous British weather where I sincerely hope it’s going to be a cool summer this year…

You can read our announcement to the world here, or you can read here how we revealed the baby’s gender!

Sorry I squished 22 weeks into one post, I think I did quite well! I’m sure I’ll add a bit more when I can remember a few more bits!

Becky x


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