Pregnancy Update: Week 24

Pregnancy Update 24.png

The Baby

This week at 24 weeks, baby is the size of an ear of corn almost – about 30cm from head to heel and about 600g! His brain is developing fast and he is now able to give his facial muscles a workout by practising making silly faces (ok maybe not just yet..) but he can start raising his eyebrows. (Does anyone else think of the Cadburys advert when eyebrows are mentioned?)

Baby is now classed as “viable.” This means that heaven forbid I were to go into extremely premature labour, baby would have a fighting chance of survival (with neonatal care) as his lungs are developed enough to withstand life outside the womb. But lets not dwell on that, Baby Berney you have a lot more cooking to do! He’s been pretty active this week too, mostly when I’m wanting to go to sleep, or just as I’ve got back into bed after seeing to William…I think they’re tag teaming already. Send help!


This week for me hasn’t been all that exciting really. I’ve become a lot clumsier though…butter fingers comes to mind. If I want to pick it up, you can guarantee I’ll have it in my hands for 0.5 seconds before I drop it again! Tiredness has been a big issue again this week, although I think that is mainly down to William teething and waking up at ungodly hours of the morning. We had a midwife appointment this week, and we were able to hear Baby’s heartbeat which was pretty amazing! I don’t think you ever really forget how amazing that sound is!

I think that’s about it for this week. Click here for the start of my pregnancy journey, or head this way if you missed Week 23’s update. 🙂

Becky x


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