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Happy Fathers Day!

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate and appreciate our dads, whether they’re your dad, step-dad, dad-in-law, or your partner is daddy to your little ones. Whoever they are, this is a day for them!


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When it comes to raising children, it’s often seen as “the norm” for the mum to be the primary carer. But this is 2017, things aren’t as traditional as they used to be! I see more and more dads taking on the role of homemaker (or stay-at-home dad) and giving up their career to be a full time parent whilst the mum goes back to work, and I think it’s amazing. Because why shouldn’t the dad stay at home? It’s whatever works best for your family at the time.

I am extremely lucky to be able to say that I have three amazing dads in my life. My dad, my Dad-in-Law, and of course Martin. These three men encompass all that a dad should be, and I am grateful that my children get to see this and hopefully learn from them what it takes to be a good parent. Now, with my own family, I am able to appreciate the sacrifices that would have been made by them, the joys of watching their children succeed, and the heartbreak they’d feel when they didn’t. I know that if I were in any trouble, or needed help with something, they’d be there without a second thought.

When I got together with Martin, I knew from the beginning what kind of dad he was as he already had Lily. I knew he was a brilliant dad by the way Lily was being brought up, and by the way she looked up to him (and not just because he’s so tall!) Since then he’s become a dad twice over, and he’s the fun-loving dad I always imagined my children would have. Teaching them the ways of rock music and gaming, alongside the importance of trying your best and working hard, I know my kids are going to shape up nicely. Thanks Martin for being an amazing dad to our children.


Growing up, my dad was brilliant. I remember the day he taught me how to ride a bike, and the day he took my stabilizers off. I remember when he’d put me to bed and read a bedtime story and not just read it. Each character had their own voice, the scary bits were scary and the funny bits were funny. I remember when he helped me with my homework, and the many times he became taxi for my friends and I. I remember the arguments we got into, and the apology cuddles afterwards. I remember when he became a grandpa, and the excitement when we told him we were expecting. Even now at 23, with a family of my own, I am still his little girl to him. So thanks Dad, for being the best dad you could be to all of us.


I love the concept of having a day to appreciate our dads, and I think it’s important to remember who brought you up and provided for you, or who is doing that job for your kids now, but I don’t agree with the expectation to buy something to show your appreciation. It’s a bit like Valentines Day, another way to make money! That’s not to say I didn’t buy anything though…It’s almost tradition to buy your dad a bar of Toblerone and some drinks isn’t it? Last year, I made up a little poem and had Lily write it down on a piece of paper, and then I had both hers and Williams handprints at the bottom. (Simple and very cheap!) But I wouldn’t go all out and buy anything fancy (sorry) that gets saved for birthdays or Christmas! – and after so many years, your cupboards can only hold so many novelty “best dad” mugs…So this year I’ve opted for a little basket of edible goodies!


Time goes by too quick these days, don’t wait for one day to tell your dad you love him. What did you get up to this Fathers Day?

Becky x


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