Pregnancy Update: Week 25

Pregnancy Update 25.png

The Baby

Quite simply, Baby is getting chubby this week! Although only weighing in at around 1.5lb, about the same as a swede, he is still starting to acquire his chubbiness, with his skin starting to smooth out and resemble a ‘newborn’ as we’d expect to see. He’s also around 34.6cm! (I’m sure I say this every week, but Martin and I aren’t exactly short people…this kid will be no exception I’m sure!) His kicks are definitely getting some power behind them now, gone are the light flutters! And now with his ever improving hearing, sudden sounds or noises may cause him to react and kick! (Perfect…Martin makes me jump on the daily…) His eyes are still shut, but with new cells in the eyes called rods and cones, he will now be able to sense light! Pretty amazing huh!


Oh my god. Of all the years for the weatherman to predict Britain to have an “Indian Summer” for us all to be disappointed that it never happens (well, not me!) – the one year I’m pregnant the weatherman is right. Seeing degrees of 30+ Celsius, I certainly don’t feel bad for devouring a 4 pack of chocolate donuts, I’m pretty sure I sweated them out, primarily under my boobs too. Sorry, I know it’s pretty grim, but I found myself washing my boobs, pits and lady bits at least 2 times a day, and having a bath! Thank god for talcum powder though, a lifesaver for chub-rub (you know, when you’re not graced with a thigh gap and your legs rub against each other and you end up walking like you’ve shit yourself? That.) On the plus side, I have been told I’ve gained the infamous ‘pregnancy glow’ which I was quite chuffed at! I know it’s often seen and thought of as a myth because lets face it, how many woman really glow during pregnancy?! I put it down to the glow of sweat…delightful image for you there. I’ve not been great with my diet this week, (by diet I mean food intake, I’m not trying to shed weight…yet…) as it’s been so hot I haven’t wanted to eat much, or cook, and so I’ve found myself rummaging through the snacks cupboard and eating a lot more chocolate than I care to admit! With cooler weather inbound I’m hoping to sort myself out and stop eating crap.

Towards the end of this week, I’ve found myself taking longer to get from A to B, meaning that I’ve had to accommodate extra time for walking places! (Not good news for the school runs!) Not only am I taking longer, I physically have to slow down now otherwise I get a niggly pain, a bit like a stitch but it’s not a stitch. I’ve also felt my tummy stretching too, which isn’t the most comfortable feeling, and I think I might be acquiring the infamous ‘pregnancy waddle.‘ I’m putting it down to the vain attempt at avoiding chub-rub, so we’ll see if it’s still there next week! It’s starting to get pretty awkward to find a comfortable position to lay in. On my back is well and truly out of the question, unless I want to feel like I can’t breathe and feel winded, and laying on my side is fine for the most part until I try and roll haha. (Just imagine a beached whale…)

So there we are, this week I’ve been a slow, chocolate-loving, sweaty glowing mess! If you missed week 24 you can catch up here. Or you can catch up from the start.

Becky x



4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 25

  1. How lovely to document your pregnancy in this way. I have forgotten so much about both of mine. I can only imagine being pregnant in the recent weather we have had, and don’t blame you for snacking (i’m not quite sure what my excuse is!). xx #Blogstravaganza


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