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Keep Safe in the Sun.


A little picnic in the sun!


Spring is in full swing here in England. From lovely warm days, to the pouring rain, we are never too sure what the weather wants to do – which makes days out feel like you’re taking everything and more “just in case it rains/gets warm out.” You’re never really too sure if it’s still coat worthy weather, or if you can get away with a cardigan: better take both, just in case!

As we will soon be progressing into Summer, the weather is (hopefully) going to improve and we will see lots of sunshine and spend many days frolicking outside! Personally, you will find me hiding in the shady corners avoiding the sun like the plague, mostly because I don’t like feeling hot and bothered, and also because I burn rather easily. My mum always said I have “English Rose” skin, which translated to: “You’re a pale kid,” and I was forever lathered in sun cream before I was allowed out to play. At the time I hated it, it made me sticky and uncomfortable, and I smelled like sun cream. But now, I understand a lot more of the dangers of too much sun and I’m so grateful for looking like a snowman in summer. Cheers mum!


An accurate selfie of my sisters and I after sun cream has been applied.


With two pale kids of my own, I have become my mum and they both get smothered with sun cream before we leave the house! – Even on the grey cloudy days! Don’t be fooled, the UV Rays can still pass through and cause harm to you. Keep safe, put sun cream on. But which one is best for you? There is a wide variety of sun creams to choose from, coming in sprays, lotions or creams, and they have varying SPFs. SPF is Sun Protection Factor, and this is the measurement of the sun creams ability to prevent the UV Rays from damaging your skin. For example: if your skin starts to redden up after 20 minutes of exposure, SPF 15 would protect you for 15 times longer: about 5 hours. These are just guidelines and I personally wouldn’t recommend leaving it 5 hours before reapplying sun cream. Reapply every couple of hours throughout the day, and always reapply before and after playing in water.

So, with the possibility of lovely weather approaching:

  • please take five minutes to apply sun cream to both you and your kids. Even if you don’t burn! You are protecting yourself from UV Rays, and any change of colour to your skin (tanned or burned) is still an indication of damage to your skin. *Also, put sun cream on everywhere. UV Rays can still penetrate through clothing, the lighter the colour clothing, the less protection you have.
  • Wear a hat! A burned scalp is never nice, and I don’t think you’d want to put sun cream in your hair…A wide-brimmed hat is best!
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Try to get some shade time in. I know some people love being in the sun from sunrise to sunset, but do try and get a break from it, give your skin a chance to cool off.
  • Keep Hydrated! This is so so important! Take drinks with you and your family in reusable bottles; tap water is free everywhere so you can refill them! Even if you’re in the back garden, keep those fluid levels up!

So, have fun in the sun, but please remember to be safe and protected!

Becky x

Information on here was sourced from the following websites:


This post first appeared on www.meetothersmums.com 



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