#ChildsEyeView Linky. 3

It’s Sunday! Which means it’s #childseyeview linky day! Pop over to One Hull of a Mum‘s page to join in, or to see what it’s all about!

This week, my little photographer was Lily. We’d been on holiday to Butlins with all the family, and one day we went to the markets. Lily had some pennies saved up for holiday and she was very proud of what she’d managed to buy with her money that she wanted to take a photo of her booty.


This was actually only about half of it, the rest of it was hidden away on the pushchair in a bag! We are now most definitely full to the rooftops with teddy bears…But she had great fun buying things and showing them all off.

childseyeview_zpswsn2wixr(Linky Photo won’t work: Click here to join in!)

Becky x



One thought on “#ChildsEyeView Linky. 3

  1. Aww see this is why I love my little linky, I can imagine her face and her been so proud of her things when she took the photo! too cute.

    Thanks for linking up #childseyeview


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