Daily Life

Weekend Roundup.

Coming home from a holiday is always a bittersweet feeling. One the one hand there’s nothing like your own bed, but then you’re also back to reality and the real world. Whilst we were away, I’d asked my mum to feed Lucy our cat, and when I stepped inside the house, I felt like I was on an episode Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! Not only had my mum kept the cat alive, she’d gone out of her way to tidy the house up, (thanks Mum!) And I mean a proper good tidy up, I’ve spent the last 4 days trying to work out where she’s hidden everything!

I spent Saturday finishing off the washing I hadn’t got round to on Friday, and that was pretty much it, even though it was a short journey from Butlins to home, the week had caught up with me and I just wanted a day of nothingness; so I did! Sunday was the complete opposite, I felt very productive which was quite a miracle really seeing as William had decided that 2am was wake up time…It took me 2 hours to get him back to sleep (which was 2 hours too long. When will my child sleep through consistently?!) I must have known we’d have a crappy night as I’d arranged with Martin before bed to have a lay in Sunday morning as I hadn’t had one in what felt like eternity. Jumping back into bed at 4am, I couldn’t wait to fall back to sleep and sleep in past 10am, I was genuinely really excited for it. But…Of course, my darling son decided to be a little shit at breakfast time and screamed & cried blue murder at 8am; not exactly easy to ignore and sleep through (the perks of becoming a mother: super hearing for crying babies.) So by 8.15am I’d given up and stumbled downstairs to see what the commotion was about.

Nothing. The little sod wasn’t happy that daddy had got up with him instead of me. Talk about a mummys boy! I thought we’d passed this…So my day started at 8.15am instead of the longed for 10am. *somewhere in the distance a violin plays melancholy music for me* It’s not the end of the world I guess, and the weather was beautiful (typical, as last week was just a downpour of rain whilst on holiday!) so I got to make the most of the sunshine, and Martin kindly hung the washing out for me! William and I spent some time out in the garden too, and he’s finally cracked how to get up the steps on his toddler slide and go down it without help! – I had kittens to say the least. He’s just fearless! I also managed to get all of my ironing completed (it hasn’t made its way upstairs yet…) but it’s all done, and my kitchen looks spotless!

My dad was round over the weekend as he is tiling our bathroom in order to have a shower fitted; which I can’t wait for! Getting ever bigger each day is making having a bath a tad bit more difficult, especially washing my hair! Whilst he pottered away at the bathroom, Martin and I went off to do an ‘essentials’ food shop. By the time we were finished it was getting on for 1.30pm ish, and I was waiting for William to fall asleep during the shop! – but thankfully he waited until we were 2 minutes away from home...(note the sarcasm there.) Being the amazing parent I am, I managed to get him out of the car and into his cot without waking him. I’ll take 10 points thank you! So whilst he slept we left him with my dad, and popped out again to look at a car, as unfortunately our little Nissan Almera isn’t going to be quite big enough come September, so we had a look at a Citroen Picasso. It was really strange to be in a big car like that, we’re used to a little pokey thing, and then all of a sudden we were in a giant! Then we came home and Martin mowed the lawn, and William showed him how good he is at the slide! (which you can also check out here on my Instagram!)

Now we’re back into the swing of reality, it’s a bit of a bummer, but 3 weeks until the end of term! Better get some plans going for it!

Becky x



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