Pregnancy Update: Week 27

Pregnancy Update 27.png

The Baby

Alright! 27 Weeks already! Goodness how the time is flying. So this week, Baby is around about 1.9lb; that’s about the same as a head of cauliflower and somewhere over the 36cm measurement now (although judging by the simultaneous kicks and punches I get across both sides of my bump, wouldn’t surprise me if he’s measuring longer! hah!) Up until now, Baby has had his eyes shut: but this week they’re going to open for the first time!


Credit: Google Images


At this point in pregnancy, Baby *should be having more regular sleep/wake phases, which you can usually tell by movement patterns. However, if you’re like me, you may not have a noticeable pattern yet – and that’s ok! It *should start getting noticeable in the next few weeks…Sometimes I don’t think my baby sleeps at all. Whilst sleeping, baby is now likely to be experiencing REM sleep (rapid eye movement – what we call dreaming!)

(*Should: because everyone is different and it might take longer for others. – If you’re worried about your baby’s movement (or lack of) it’s always worth getting checked over by your Midwife. Check out this website for more info:


If last week felt like I’d inserted a watermelon into my abdomen, this week I look it! Whether it’s the wardrobe choices I’ve made or the fact that I have grown, I’ve had a lot of comments this week about my “sudden bump” along the lines of “you’ve really popped out!” or “You’re really starting to show now!” – my all time favourite was, “You look fat” (this was said in a joking manner, no I didn’t take offence!)

Added to the sudden sprouting, this has led me to become a frequent user of the porcelain throne. I seem to spend more time on the toilet than anywhere else! Even at night…So, at 27 weeks pregnant, I say goodbye to the solid nights sleep for the foreseeable future. I just pray this child sleeps well!

Now I know it’s said that all pregnancies are different (true so far) and that your second baby will have a bigger bump than your first (also true) apparently this is due to your stomach muscles being looser the 2nd time round after not springing back to their original shape pre-babies, thus allowing the second baby to extend outwards a lot more easily and earlier. I’m praying this is the case, because I feel like a whale and I’m not particularly keen on pushing out anything much more than 10lb, and even that’s being generous.


27 wk compare.jpg
Upon posting this, I realise I have resting bitch face on #2 ha!


This week I totally overworked myself, which caused a bit of stress and tension on myself and bump. I accidentally forgot to pack Lily’s swimming costume in her swimming bag which resulted in me sprinting* (hah, okay it was a fast walk) back into town to buy a new costume for her. I regretted going so quick as it caused a bit of pain and discomfort! I then volunteered to help with a school trip with Reception class the next day: 60 kids aged 4-5. It seemed like a good idea at the time! They were little angels, just exhausting! Added to all this, the weather has been blazing again! (even with promises of thunderstorms…This weatherman needs firing.)

So all in all, this week has just been a bit more strenuous and warmer than I’d anticipated and I haven’t coped very well with it all. I hope next week will be easier! We have our 28 week midwife appointment next week, so hopefully I can find out a bit more on whether baby is measuring okay, or if I am in fact harbouring a giant heffa. Oh, and bloods will be happening too…*mentally prepares myself for this*

As always, catch up with Week 26 here, or go back to the start here!

Becky x


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