Pregnancy Update: Week 28

We’re into the home stretch now! The third trimester has begun, and how quickly has that come around?! Before you know it I’ll be announcing the birth (let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though…there’s still the summer holidays to get out of the way!) So what’s happening this week?

Pregnancy Update28.png

The Baby

Think of an aubergine, because that is roughly how heavy the baby is now; which is somewhere around 2lb. He’s getting ever longer, around about 37cm now too – or more…His heart rate is twice as fast as mine, although now it’s beginning to slow down (which is a good thing!)

He can now produce tears too…Which, as a person, I think this is awesome! But as a parent, I can now pin point the start of all the times I wish my child would stop crying, and know there’s sod all I can do about it!

I personally haven’t felt it yet, but I might be able to start feeling baby hiccup now! (William used to hiccup all the time, it was cute at first…then it just got annoying haha.)


Credit: Google Images



After overdoing it last week, I stepped back and took it easy. Perhaps a bit too easy, I’m now catching up on a lot of housework! But nevermind, it’ll always be there.

We had our 28 week midwife appointment on Tuesday which went great! My usual midwife had a University student on placement with her. I personally don’t have a problem with medical students, I actually really like having them because in my eyes the ‘long time pro’s’ had to start somewhere, and we have to give the newcomers a chance to put their newly learned skills into practice, so I’ll always just let them get on with it and just be patient – and if it takes a little longer then that’s ok!

I did have a fluttering moment of worry when she was scanning around for baby’s heartbeat though. It took a little longer than I  was expecting to find the heartbeat and the fear that something was wrong started creeping up on me, even though I’d felt movement not 10 minutes before! It was unnecessary worry as all was fine, the Doppler was just in the wrong place.

Now I’m not fazed by needles or having blood taken really, but that doesn’t mean I like it! I had my bloods taken at the appointment, and luckily the student midwife found a vein first try, but it still stung like a bitch. Part of me hopes that the results will come back saying I have low iron levels again, because I am just constantly tired. (I know being pregnant with 2 other kids will take its toll, but this is just silly tiredness!)

Other than that, movements have been more constant & forceful, I’m starting to wonder if this child ever sleeps…and I’d love it if he moved and gave my right side a rest!

As always, catch up on Week 27 here, or start back at the beginning of the journey here!

Becky x



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