#ChildsEyeView Linky. 5

I’ve missed a couple of weeks with this linky, but this week we’re back! The gist of this linky is as it says, “childs eye” – so we give our kids a camera and showcase their best picture!

Now, I wouldn’t say this is the “best picture” – but I found it pretty hilarious when I saw it! Martin let the kids have a play around with his GoPro, and the results did not disappoint! I’m not entirely sure Lily knew the camera was taking photos, but it did make me chuckle! She thought she was pointing it at the sofa too, which made it even funnier! So, here it is, a flattering angle of Lily with William in the background.


I think maybe next time we’ll explain that the red flashing light means it’s on…


Becky x


One thought on “#ChildsEyeView Linky. 5

  1. Awww bless her!! This is one to put away for her 18th I’m sure!! im in my 30s but still do this, that red light means nothing..absolute nothing lol Thanks for linking up to #childseyeview

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