Pregnancy Update. Week 30.

Week 30?! Only 10 weeks left to go (in theory…) I honestly can’t believe just how quick this is going, I know I must say that every week, but I just seem to blink and a week’s gone by!

Pregnancy Update30.png

The Baby 

In terms of exciting new things developing for baby, this week is a bit of a quiet one. Everything is continuing to develop, growth/breathing/eyesight etc, but no real “oh my god they can do this now!” but his eyes are getting more sensitive to light, and will continue to develop even after birth!

This week, Baby is around the size of a cabbage, which I never realised is about 40cm?! But, this is what I’m being told so I’m going with it, and weight is somewhere around 2.9lb.


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Well, this week has been an eye opener for me that’s for sure! I’ve managed to survive up to this week with mild-discomforts, but now we’re into the stage of “no position is comfortable.” I must say I’m quite impressed I managed to get this far into the pregnancy before finding it hard to sit or sleep in a comfortable position, but the day had to come sooner or later. And as martin so graciously pointed out to me, I now get out of breath walking up the stairs and getting dressed (I am rather unfit at the best of times, but this takes the biscuit a little!!)

With the summer holidays in full swing, I am making the most of chilling out and doing the bare minimum (within reason obviously) but I’m feeling so much better for not having the mad rush of the school run in the morning, or the pressure to be somewhere by a certain time etc!

I’ve also noticed this time round I actually have stretch marks – and yes, I did have to hoick my tummy up to see them! I didn’t get stretch marks with William until after he was born (that, or I was just too big to see them haha!) but I’m actually really fond of them. I’ve always had stretch marks on my thighs, hips and boobs, so what’s a few more? Plus they’re a reminder that my baby once was small!

I managed to get an evening for ‘me’ the other night too (can you believe it?!) I was invited to go and play Bingo with a friend. Now don’t go calling me an old lady for this, I bloody love bingo! And I won £15 from it, winner winner! It was lovely to just get out of the house for a few hours and do something for me which I enjoy. (I recently wrote a post on Me Time!)  

As always, catch up with last weeks update here, or start back at the beginning!

Becky x



17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update. Week 30.

  1. Ooo you’re getting so close now, it’s the home stretch! So glad everything has been okay, hopefully the uncomfortableness will get better soon. I was most uncomfortable in the middle of my pregnancy and it wasn’t so bad at the beginning and end weirdly enough!

    Sarah |

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