Pregnancy Update. Week 31

We’ve rolled into August, and I can now officially say my due date is next month! How crazy is that?! Granted, it’s not until the end of next month, but it’s September nevertheless!

Pregnancy Update.png

The Baby

I love these comparisons to fruit and veg, and this week we’re thinking a little exotic as the baby is the same sort of weight as a coconut! (That’s about 3.3lb!) Just makes me think of Hawaii, or a really nice hot Island with people wearing leis and having beach parties. But I’ve completely wandered off topic!

Little coconut is about 41cm long, and starting to look more and more like a newborn (that we’d expect to see) and is starting to shed the lanugo hair. (This is a layer of fine soft hair over the babies skin.)

Now, amazingly, Coconut still has a lot of growing to do, and as he does his wrinkly skin will start to smooth out. If you imagine he’s currently around the 3lb mark, (William was 9lb 5oz…) if I go by this size we’re not even half way to final birth weight yet! That’s a lot of growing in 8-9 weeks: I mean, we’re looking at at least another 900g. I’m keeping optimistic that he won’t be any bigger than William was…As he grows, there will (obviously) be less room for him to wriggle around, so it’s likely he’ll be taking up the ‘classic fetal position’ of legs drawn up to the chest – but this won’t affect his activity or movement (if your movements change/slow down or you’re worried you haven’t felt the typical movements you would normally – or you’re just worried, PLEASE call your midwife/GP and get it checked out.)

One final update for this week is about the baby’s tastebuds and brain! They are now mature enough for baby to actually taste. And what’s even cooler is the food I eat might be flavouring the amniotic fluid that the baby’s in, and as he swallows the fluid, he could be tasting certain flavours! (Most probably chocolate at this point in time…) Pretty cool huh!


So, the baby is doing good this week. And for once, so am I! I’ve pretty much had the two most laid back weeks since becoming a mum (perhaps slight exaggeration.) But I’ve done bugger all, and I feel great for it! Part of me does feel bad for not spending much time with Lily so far, but she’s been invited to go out and stay round friends/family, so I’m not going to stop her having fun! We’ve got 4 weeks of the holidays to enjoy together.

I’ve spent this week watching 13 Reasons Why, which was brilliant, and the first time in forever that I’ve semi-binged watching a TV series! (I say semi, because I only really watched it in the evenings once William was in bed.) and it was lovely to just cuddle up on the sofa with Martin. It’s definitely something I’d like to start doing more of, finding time to just unwind that is.

I’ve really noticed a difference between my current bump and Williams bump. I’m a lot bigger this time, but not as firm as I was before – perhaps just more water than before (or denial. Could be both..) But I feel like it’s a lot lower than my previous bump. Ironically, I still have moments where I forget I have a bump at all, until I’ve tried to fit through a small gap that just isn’t happening.

31 weeks compare

So, yeah. Big difference I think.

Oh…One thing I’ve been meaning to talk about for a few weeks but haven’t is the less glamourous side of pregnancy…Because, yes. There is actually a not-so-pretty side. Obviously there are some major changes happening down below, and whether it’s what I’ve been eating or just general pregnancy glamour; I fart a lot. Now I know there’s some of you reading that and laughing because I’ve not exactly always been very lady-like about it over the years, but this is taking it to a whole new level. They creep up on me when I least expect it, and I mean doing it at home is one thing, but it’s a different ballgame out in public. How many times can you try and pass it off as your child, or partner? ha, sorry boys!

So there you are, it’s not all pretty growing a baby.

As always, catch up with last weeks update here, or start back at the beginning!

Becky x


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update. Week 31

    1. It’s funny isn’t it, I was thinking that the other day, whilst being pregnant and the first few months of being a mum, I didn’t care about anything lol I was like “man, I’ve pushed a baby out, IDC what anyone thinks!” and now I’m back to how I was before haha


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