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Summer Holidays Round up: Week 2

Whoops, I’m a little late writing this, I’ve been super busy doing naff all you see. And honestly, I feel great for it. I thought I’d get the mum-guilt wash over me and I’d be drowning in it, but as I’ve only really had one child again this week, so I’ve taken it easy and done as little as possible. (I know, I should do more with William, but what does a 1.5year old like to do outside of the house??) and as silly as it sounds, I feel a little lost without Lily here.

So what’s been happening this week, other than not a lot on my behalf…


We were graced with some relatively nice weather today, so I took full advantage of this and got 3 loads of washing done and dried on the line! I also mowed the lawn, which wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had…But I was mainly worried the kids were going to keep stinging themselves on the nettles as they played outside whilst I was hanging the washing out! This was probably the highlight of the day, we flittered in between playing in the garden and watching TV. Eventually Lily decided she wanted to watch Pokémon (good girl) and we blitzed through a good number of episodes!


Lily went to her mums today, so we packed her bag in the morning and walked there after breakfast – I wanted to pop into town to see if my shopping had been delivered to New Look and her mums house is along the way so it made sense for me to drop her off as we walked by.

William and I got to town, and my order wasn’t there (boo.) I decided to give my mum a call and invited myself over. Much to Williams excitement, we hopped on a bus there and spent the afternoon at my mums. My sister turned up with my nephew and he & William happily played together! Martin came round after work and we all had dinner here. – Nothing beats your mums home cooked dinner.


Lily was still at her mums all day, and arrived home in the evening. Martin had the day off, but the day was a bit of a write off really…We just lounged about the house, not doing much at all – which was very much needed on Martins behalf, but I was pretty bored – looking back I should have done something, but I wanted to spend time with Martin too! I decided to find a TV Series on Netflix whilst William napped and decided on 13 Reasons Why.  That pretty much summed up Wednesday.


We had a quiet morning on Thursday, I got a bit of housework done and the kids amused themselves in the living room. I also packed a bag for Lily to go to her cousins! Just before lunch time, Lilys aunty Jo came over to pick her up to take her on “A little holiday” (A.K.A. a 3 night sleepover) We ended up chatting for a lot longer than I think either of us planned and eventually we said goodbye and once again…I was down to one child! Starting to feel like home is just a pit stop for her! Once Lily had gone, William and I (unsurprisingly) had another chilled afternoon!



William and I had a wander into town, mainly because Martin left his lunch at home – but it was a wasted trip in the end really as I found out the ham I’d used was actually slightly out of date…heh…sorry Martin! But I met up with my mum & sister, and I convinced my sister to get her nose pierced. (Totally peer pressure.) We then all got lunch together at Wimpy, & afterwards Mum & I walked back to hers where we met my grandma and grandpa for a cuppa tea.

Lily was having a whale of a time with her cousin, they spent the day swimming and going to gymnastics!


With Lily still away, enjoying a day at Skylark where they all got absolutely soaked, (partly because of the weather, but mainly from a supersoaking competition with water guns…!) William and I – you guessed it – spent the day at home.

Martin and I finished watching 13 Reasons Why (blog post to follow my thoughts on this) and I started Orange is the New Black (bad move…I just want to binge watch that now!)


Today, Lily finally came home after a fantastic few days with her cousin on a “little holiday.” We weren’t home for long! Little miss butterfly over here had a birthday party to go to, which, I was completely unorganised for (go figure) and had to run into town in the morning and get a present for! I left William with my mum and dad whilst I stayed at the party with Lily. I’m glad I did because we had a few tears! Right at the end of the party she fell off a park swing and bumped her back – I think the whole party heard her cry. I have no doubt that it hurt, and there was a little red mark – but I could tell from her cry that she was absolutely knackered! I can only assume a busy few days and many late nights were catching up on her. I was right though, we got in the car to go home and within 2 minutes she was sparked out! I had been trying to talk to her and wasn’t getting a response. When we got home, we plopped on the couch and watched a few movies. Lily also made her very own Wool Pom Pom for the first time!

Typically though, William hadn’t napped today, and this threw him out of sorts like no other. Around 5.30pm (dinner time, of course) he fell asleep on me so I decided to put him to bed and attempt to dream feed him a bottle of milk. Well…this resulted in 2 hours of me trying to get him back to sleep, and an hour of him running around playing downstairs. Eventually I put both kids to bed at 9pm – a lot later than I had planned…(oh, and he woke up at 7.30am, like normal. My prayers for a lay in were not heard this time!)


Now I know a lot of you reading this are probably thinking that I’m being really lazy by not doing a lot, but to be honest, I’ve not felt this good and awake in a long time. Not doing anything or the rush of having to be anywhere and just being able to chill out has really improved my mood. Plus being 32 weeks pregnant, I’m not exactly racing to do anything too exhausting! Without Lily here, I find myself twiddling my thumbs as to what I can do (which sounds really silly I know as I have William…) but as I said before, what do you do with a 1 and a half year old? Especially when he’s into everything for 5 minutes and then has had enough? I physically can’t run after him at the park, and there aren’t that many free places to go around (that is also accessible by walking!) so I’m kind of stumped really right now.

But, we’re happy enough just relaxing at home and playing out in the garden, and Lily is having an epic time having so many sleepovers and doing activities with other people! We’ve still got 4 weeks to go, one of which Martin has off so we’ll be sure to get some much wanted and needed family days out then! As I see it, the holidays are to unwind, de-stress and chill out – which is what we are doing!

How did your 2nd week go?

Becky x



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