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Is the Fussy Eating Over?!

Could it be? Are we there? Is this really happening??

Breakfast has never been an issue. Porridge, Weetabix or toast and we’re good to go! However, for the past couple of months, I’ve been finding lunch and dinner time rather difficult for William, primarily because he’s been a little turd and decided he suddenly didn’t like a lot of things. The one that bugged me the most was potato. In any shape or form; waffle, croquet, mashed, chips, you name it…if it was potato he wouldn’t eat it. This has been going on for some time, a good half a year or so and it was really beginning to stress me out. Potato is a staple part of our dinners, I literally have potato on the plate in one form or other, and it suddenly became really awkward as to what I could give William instead…


Adding to the potato fiasco, he also went off rice and vegetables. Excellent. My child is going to live off toast and chocolate. This was all I could think about, what the feck was I going to feed him to give him some variety?? Meat was no issue, this kid will eat whatever meat you put in front of him without a second thought, and his favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese. (But I also found out I can do cheesy pasta with a tiny bit of Tomato Sauce and he loves that too – because guess what? He won’t eat pasta without some form of sauce on it…ughhh) I spent a lot of time worrying about what I could make him for dinner that wasn’t potato, rice or vegetable based – or constantly pasta. In the end I just made dinner as normal and put them on his plate and prayed that he’d eat them. He didn’t, obviously, because he’s stubborn as anything. In the back of my mind I was worrying though that he wasn’t getting a very mixed diet or all the vitamins/nutrients he needed.

This went on for months, and not only was dinner time an issue, but what was once an easy lunch turned into another panic episode of WTF DO I FEED HIM?! Suddenly sandwiches were no longer appealing, Toast was a “meh…I might eat a solider or two, but that’s it.” And I know it seems odd, but I’m not really a fan of a cooked lunch that would/could be served for dinner. So began the snacking phase. I didn’t realise I was doing it at first, I tried my best to get William to sit down and eat lunch but he just wasn’t having it, and then his nap started to coincide with it (typical.) and so between 10am-2pm I unintentionally started the snacking lunch…He’d have Aldi’s version of Wotsits, 2 yoghurts and a fruit pouch (now I write it, it’s a pretty awful diet…sorry William!) and a 7oz bottle of cows milk just before naptime. Oh and some days if he was lucky he’d get a chocolate bar. I tried with toast often, with different spreads; butter/chocolate spread/cheese but it was in vain mostly. Other days he’d have beans on toast which, again, wasn’t an issue – but I didn’t want to keep giving him that everyday!


So, yesterday, after a few months of being fed up of throwing away uneaten sandwiches and toast away, I finally braved giving William a cheese sandwich. With a twist. I’ve noticed that he’s quite lazy with food, if he doesn’t have to do much with it (i.e. bite bits off) he’ll happily eat it, but if he has to work at it, it’s a no-go and he’s not interested. I took this on board and made a half sandwich, cut it into soldiers like I usually would, and then cut the soldiers in half again – so he had little squares that could just be eaten. and voila! He ate it without a second thought. HALLELUJAH! And for good measure, I tried it again today and again he ate the squares – more like inhaled them he was that excited for them – and I honestly wanted to cry. (With happiness that is!) All this time he probably would have eaten them if I’d have realised he was a lazy sod. I found this out the other day when I’d given him half abiscuit to nibble, he wouldn’t eat it like that so I snapped it into quarters and the next thing I know, the biscuit had gone in 5 minutes!

I’m not going to push my luck with it too much – knowing me I’ve probably spoken too soon and we’ll go back to square one tomorrow – but I will keep persevering and hope that by making his food more manageable and smaller, we’ll be onto a winner!

(And yes, I know some of you will be thinking “why on earth wasn’t she giving him smaller bits in the first place?!” – William has always been a good eater, and the size of the food and how much he could(not) fit in his mouth has never been a problem until now…He was actually getting quite good at biting and chewing food!)

For now, I’m just grateful I’ve had two days of stress-free lunch and dinners! Onwards and upwards as they say! – Next up, vegetables. Have your little ones gone through a phase like this? Or going through? I’d love to hear how you tackled it!

Becky x

One Hull of a Mum

9 thoughts on “Is the Fussy Eating Over?!

  1. Our little one usually eats chicken/fish with no fuss, but recently she seems to have become vegetarian lol. I’ve noticed that she too doesn’t like big pieces/chunks. She should be eating “mashed” food rather than blended says the health visitor, but she doesn’t take to it. She literally spits it back out. So we still blend it slightly with some lumps not smooth.

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  2. My six year old is also a “turd” his diet is AWFUL like really awful! he refuses all fruit and veg apart from the odd banana …..im talking a banana every 2 weeks!! if it isn’t chicken nuggets with waffles/chips or croquets then he doesn’t eat it. He sometimes eats sausages but that and chicken are the only meat which is mainly processed! I get really upset but my mum always tells me the story of my sister growing up…She would only eat jam sandwiches and cornflakes so mum took her to our gp who said just let her eat whatever she wants!!!
    Thanks for linking up to #livelifelove 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it frustrating?! You have all these ideas of being the “super mum” who feeds their kids all variety of things and they’ll happily eat your homemade food, but it’s just not the reality anymore! Maybe one day he’ll be more adventurous!


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