Pregnancy Update: Week 32.

Pregnancy Update (1).png

The Baby

According to the app I’m using, Baby is around 3.7lb…From our midwife appointment on Tuesday, he’s actually closer to 4.9lb! Quite a difference, but not unexpected. He’s somewhere around 42cm – again, I’m taking this with a pinch of salt. But that’s about the size of a Kale leaf (bit of an odd comparison this week, but I suppose Kale is getting quite popular these days!)

Now, the baby’s fingernails and toenails are fully formed, and his hair is getting thicker. (Although, if he comes out looking like William, there won’t be much hair there!) At our midwife appointment I asked how he was laying, and at the time he was head down with his back on my right side and legs laying to the left. I’m not 100% he’s still laying like that as I write this! Some babies start to get engaged now and position themselves head down, but it’s okay if not because they still have time to wriggle! Most tend to have adopted the downward position by 36 weeks.


This week we had a midwife appointment which was pretty exciting as we decided to take Lily with us for the first time. I’ve always been a bit anxious to take her – even though I know everything is OK, I still worry that the day we go something bad could happen and I didn’t want her to have to deal with that. But it’s just me being paranoid!

Lily really enjoyed it actually, I explained to her how the blood pressure cuff worked and the Midwife and I explained what was being done and why at each part of the appointment. I was measured, (and thankfully measuring at the right size!) and plotted it on the baby’s chart. We then got to hear his heartbeat! I asked Lily what she thought the sound was and she initially said his breathing, but was in awe when I explained it was his heartbeat. “I bet there’s at least 100 beats there!” – we hope so!

It was just so lovely to include Lily in this, and she’s excited for the next appointment! Our appointments are now every 2 weeks until Baby arrives! eep!

I’ve been feeling pretty good this week, the extra weight is definitely making me slower still (at this rate, I’m surprised I’m moving at all ha!) I’ve had a few down days, which I’m partially putting down to bad weather and confinement of the house, but on the up side, Martin has put up a temporary shower curtain so now I don’t have to battle with getting in and out & washing my hair in the bath!

As always, catch up on last week’s update here, or start back from the beginning here!

Becky x


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