Pregnancy Update: Week 33.

I feel like I’m posting these daily, how has a week gone by already? Can someone slow down the speed of time please? I mean we’re in the middle of August already! August! It’s gonna be *whispers* Christmas soon! (18wks & 2 days to be exact…) And even sooner than that, the kids go back to school! I’m not sure how I feel on that one yet. I digress, on with the show!

Pregnancy Update33 (1).png

The Baby

So this week, I’m feeling like I shouldn’t be listening to the app I use as we discovered last week that Baby Berney is weighing in heavier than the app is suggesting – which is totally fine, because as we all know babies grow and develop at different rates, the app is just a guideline – and lets face it, with my appetite and Martins height, this kid was never gonna be small or short. So…the app says Baby should be weighing in around 4.2lb – just about the same weight as a pineapple! (if you read last week’s you’ll know that Baby Berney is already past that & weighing in at 4.9lb! We’re probably closer to 5-6lb now!) The app also says he should be over 43/44cm long – again, taking that with a pinch of salt! Mummy and Daddy are 6ft & 6ft 9in…


Credit: Google Images


This week is rather exciting with regards to the baby himself, as he now has a fully developed brain and nervous system; and his immune system is also now starting to develop too! His ‘boys’ are still descending too from his abdomen into his scrotum.


This week, I’ve been feeling the full force of pressure down below. I’m assuming he’s working his way into place, but it’s not good for my bladder! It feels like every sip of a drink I take requires a trip to the toilet – which is very frustrating when you’re expecting a full on wee and the tiniest, most pathetic dribble comes out.

I’ve also felt my bump stretching and growing. I honestly feel like my skin can’t stretch any more – and yet I know it can and will. I’m getting into the ‘uncomfortable stage of pregnancy’ now, where I’m finding it hard to sit/stand/lie comfortably. He’s found a spot in my right side that he just loves to kick and prod and push and whatever else he’s doing in there! It’s uncomfortable and a bit painful at times too. To be honest, I’m quite ready for him to come now…But at the same time I’m not. I know I haven’t 100% enjoyed this pregnancy, but there’s just something about feeling the wriggles and kicks that never leaves your memory, and it’s all a bit bittersweet when it’s time to evict them. I love feeling his movements (perhaps not at 3am when I’m trying to sleep…) but I’m over looking and feeling like a whale now!

As always, catch up on last week’s update here, or start back from the beginning here!

Becky x


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