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Summer Holidays Roundup: Week 3

I know I’m a week behind writing this, to be honest I couldn’t really be arsed last week, I kept going to write it and then I magically found something else to do (I’m really good at procrastinating too.) So, You’ll get a double whammy this week with week 3 and 4 being posted pretty much next to each other! Lucky you 😉 Thankfully, I have been keeping notes on my phone of what’s been happening, as I know I would get to here and completely forget what we’ve been up to! So…Week 3, what did it have in store for us?


We didn’t do much today as such, we had a chilled out morning, and then after lunch we had a wander into town. That in itself took an hour with William wanting to walk/not walk/ignore my requests to keep walking…So we eventually got into town! We had a walk around the shops and then met Martin after work, which the kids really love to do.



Today, Martin had the day off. I kinda made him have today off as we had a midwife appointment. I’m not too sure why, but we’d decided to have it as an afternoon appointment, which was a bit rubbish because it meant we couldn’t really go out anywhere as we’d have to rush back to be there in time! (You can read about what happened at the appointment here.) So we had a lazy morning, chilling about at home, and then we all went to the local park by the doctors surgery. We took a ball and had a kick about, and Lily collected some leaves from the ground to create a picture with them later! After the midwife appointment, we drove over to nanny’s to say hello, and we came home one child down – naturally, Lily managed to wangle a sleepover!


With Lily away at nanny’s for the day, William and I had a PJ day! That’s about as exciting as this day got for us. Lily was also off to her mums for a sleepover, so Nanny popped back round to pick up her bag as we hadn’t planned the previous night’s sleepover! She also cut Lily’s fringe for us!


Today was actually a productive day with regards to my housework! I had my Health Visitor coming round to go through the plans with Baby Berney and the general questions of how I’m feeling/how I’m gonna feed him etc. I was also given my red health book for him (which went straight in my hospital bag – I know I’d forget about it otherwise!) Before she came round, I roped my mum into popping over to help make my house look a little more presentable! (which, now at the time of writing this a week on, you’d never know we made it spotless!) We managed to get upstairs and downstairs looking glorious! My sister Annie and nephew also popped over at the same time as my HV. Luckily it was a quick visit from the HV – although had I known she was going to just plonk on the sofa and not look around the house, I wouldn’t have worried so much about upstairs!

Once she left, my mum & sister and I went into town. I just went along for the ride really! We had a wander around and eventually my sister had to go and get ready for work, so Mum and I walked back to mums and Martin joined us later for dinner.



Today, my mum, sister Rhiannon and I took the boys to Hunstanton (the beach) to go to a pottery/ceramics shop where you can personalise all kinds of items there! As it was going to be my sister Annie’s birthday on Sunday, mum wanted to buy her a photo frame with Ethans handprint on. (You see where I get my organisation skills from…talk about last minute present shopping!) 

This was finished pretty sharpish, a lot quicker than we thought it was going to take! We must have only been in there 5-10 minutes. So we decided to go down to the sea front and have some lunch. – Chips of course! With the weather relatively nice and the tide close enough in that we didn’t have to walk a mile out for it, we took the boys down onto the beach and let them have a paddle! Naturally, we hadn’t planned on this and hadn’t packed any towels or change of clothes for anyone…A quick run to a shop for a towel and we were away!

William wasn’t too sure on the wet sand at first, so I thought he would hate the water for being so cold – it was freezing – but he’s a waterbaby through and through! I couldn’t keep him out of it! Couldn’t say the same for his cousin. Ethan didn’t think much to the water! I really tried my best to stop William from sitting in the water, but it was a battle I wasn’t going to win…He wasn’t happy to leave either. Howls and tears loud enough for the whole beach to look around to see what was happening!

Eventually, we managed to get the boys dried and covered in our cardigans and headed back to the car to go home. We then spent the rest of the day at home, feeling quite knackered from the fresh sea air! Later in the evening Lily came home too.


We had lazy day today. Lily had been quite busy this week being here/there and everywhere between her mum and nanny, so I decided that we’d have a recuperation day. I let her play some Minecraft throughout the day, and William pottered in and out of the garden and I got on with (minimal) housework.


In the morning, we popped to nanny’s so Martin could have a haircut ready for an interview on Tuesday. We didn’t stay for long as we were off out for a Sunday Pub Roast to celebrate my sister Annie’s birthday! The food was pretty yummy, and there was a lot of it! After lunch, William was getting irritable, so he and Lily found a box of dominos to play with – I’m not 100% sure if they were allowed to, but it kept them occupied for a while!

We came home, and had a relaxing afternoon of films where we introduced Lily to ‘Night at the Museum’ which was quite entertaining to watch her watch it. She got really into the story, to the point she’d gone from laying down cosily, to standing in front of the telly in excitement/suspense of what was happening!

And there we have it, a relatively easy going week! 🙂

You can catch up with week 2’s adventures (or lack of) here, and I’ll be posting week 4 tomorrow! How are your summer holidays going?

Becky x

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