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Summer Holidays Roundup: Week 4

As Promised, (a little late – my bad) week 4 of the summer holidays!


Today we went round nannys for the day. It was a lovely day and we spent the whole day there! My nephew Thomas was also round for the day, so we all spent the day playing outside. Nanny popped the gazebo up to give some shade, and Lily & Thomas brought out pillows and blankets to lay down on.

The kids had great fun playing together, although William and Thomas can be quite comical as they are still both learning to share toys and equipment…there were a few tears and tantrums on both behalves, but it was quickly rectified (as it always is with kids!) luckily they both crashed out at the same time and went down for naps. We stayed for dinner and then Lily went to Grandmas for a sleepover!


Today, Lily went with grandma to Bircham Mill with a new friend Lacey and her grandma. They made bread and spent hours playing there! (I’m not going to lie, I don’t know much about the place, but from what I can gather they have an area where you can play and pretend to be real mill workers and play in an old kitchen area where they would’ve made bread etc!) Lucky Lily had McDonald’s for tea, and not only that but she came home with a big grin on her face and a fidget spinner in her hand! (I thought the craze for these had faded out!)

Whilst Lily was out for the day, Martin and I went to do a much needed food shop in the morning. We didn’t mooch around too much as we had to get home so Martin could get ready for a work interview!

When he left, William & I walked into to and met my sister Rhiannon at the park. It came out so hot, I struggled a bit with the heat!
After we’d had enough at the park, we wandered into town and I picked a few last bits up for my hospital bag! We then walked home and was shortly followed by Martin coming home, and after a swelteringly hot day, I couldn’t be arsed to cook so we had dominos for tea.



Today Lily had her cousin Ella round. We’d arranged this weeks ago, so it’s crazy that time had passed so fast that we’re here!

Thomas stayed and played for a bit too, and they all had lunch together!
At one point, all 4 kids were playing with the megablox, creating what looked like a big fort. It was short lived as William and Thomas “most definitely needed that block at the bottom holding everything in place.” Thomas then went home with his mum and the girls and William continued to play.
Later on the girls brought down (the poorly hidden on my behalf) playdoh and plasticine…yippee…but, they were brilliant with it and kept it on the mats on the table and it kept them occupied for a good 2-3 hours! William went down for a nap and the girls moved onto playing Minecraft on the PlayStation. With only one controller, the girls played beautifully and took it in turns to share the controller!
I had initially decided to do spaghetti bolognese for dinner, but changed my mind to chicken wraps – which I’d asked Martin to pick up on the way home. He forgot, and the corner shop didn’t have any wraps in, so he brought hot dog rolls home instead…thus, we ended up having “chicken hot dogs” as I’d already cooked the chicken! (They ended up being really good!)
The girls had a bath and got into their PJs, and Martin took Ella home.



Today was a miserable weather day. It was grey and raining – but I was perky and decided that I wasn’t gonna let a bit of rain stop us from going out! My sister Annie kindly came and picked us up and dropped us off at my mums house.

We stayed there for a bit and then walked to the local soft play centre Planet Zoom.
The kids spent about 2-3 hours here, although William did nap for some of it! We had lunch here too, and let William have another little run around once he woke up before we left.
Once we left, we got a bus into town, which to Lily’s delight was a double decker bus! Lily & grandma went upstairs whilst I stayed downstairs with William.
In town we popped to EE to try and upgrade my mums phone – with no luck! Their systems were down and she couldn’t decide which phone she wanted! We also moped into Peacocks to subtly rearrange Lily’s knickers haha.
I took advantage of the 25% off in Sainsburys and bought 6 school tops for £6.75! Bargain! Mum then went home about 4.30ish, and the kids and I waited around for Martin to finish work so we could all go home together.
I decided to do an easy dinner of beans on toast, and let Lily play some more Minecraft.



We had a quiet morning in, Lily made a beautiful picture using real leaves – although the glue wouldn’t work so she had to use sellotape! – worked just as well…?!
I made some pasta for lunch, and then we got picked up by nanny and went to hers for the afternoon and stayed for dinner. It was a funny day for weather, it wanted to rain and shine, but we stayed indoors as the rain that did come down was pretty mean!


Saturday was a write off day as unfortunately Lily was poorly during the night. (Our day started around 3.30am…) So we were up and down/back and forth to the toilet and getting fresh glasses of water and changing the sick bowl etc. Eventually I gave in and brought her into my bed, at the time it seemed easier than having to keep getting up – plus I could be at the ready a lot quicker!
Everyone was pretty much awake by 6.30am (the earliest the whole house has been awake throw holiday!) so we all trundled downstairs. I made Lily a bed up on the sofa so she could lay comfortably and watch films/tv, and took the opportunity to change the bedsheets upstairs. (They were due to be changed this weekend anyway!)
After being sick on the sofa, Lily came waltzing into the kitchen with the announcement of, “im feeling MUCH better now!” – which I knew exactly what she meant by this. We’d arranged for her to have a sleepover at nannys, but clearly this wasn’t going ahead anymore, so I explained to her we’d have to arrange for another night when she wasn’t poorly anymore.
By lunch time Lily was feeling a bit better, I plonked the kids in the bath and made a plain ham sandwich for Lily afterwards – which thankfully she managed to keep down, and with it gained some colour back in her cheeks!
The rest of the day was filled with films and general recuperating.


Today was my baby shower! Kindly arranged and organised by my sisters and mum. It was a lovely afternoon filled with friends, family and laughter! (Blog post to follow so I shan’t go into too much detail here!)


Week 4 was definitely a bit more fun-filled than the previous 3 I think! See what you think, here’s week 3’s post. I can’t believe it’s almost time to be thinking about going back to school! Are you all prepared for the return (or new start?!)

Becky x

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