Pregnancy Update: Week 34.

Pregnancy Update34.png

The Baby

This week, baby is (supposedly) about the size of a cantaloupe melon, weighing in around 4.7lb and measuring about 45cm…Well, I’m not sure Baby Berney is sticking to these estimations! At our midwife appointment, he was measuring along the 50th centile line, putting him at 2700g (which is 5.9lb) So I’m not holding out for anything less than 8lb by the time he’s here.

He’s still filling out (unbelievably) but all the layers of fat will help to regulate his body temperature when he’s born! (with the help of some gorgeous clothes and blankets too.) A few weeks ago I mentioned that his hearing is improving – well now it’s improving even more! From just being able to recognise your voices, the cochlea is maturing inside the ear (the bit that sends messages to the brain) and now Baby is likely to be able to recognise lullabies! Research shows if you sing a lullaby to your bump, your baby will be more likely to be soothed by the same lullaby when they’re born!

He’s a really wriggly baby still, and it still weirds Martin and I out to see him move around. It’s amazing, and even after all this time the amazement isn’t lost on us!


This week has seen a range of emotions from feeling light-hearted and happy to being a miserable cow. I’ve really been feeling the weight of my bump (which doesn’t bode well for a light baby haha) but with the extra weight and a rubbish few nights sleep, I’ve been struggling with keeping motivated and generally awake. I’m not a pleasant person to be around when I’m tired, and a few days this week I’ve felt awful for being such a moody mare, but I’ve tried to make up for it!

We’ve been relatively busy this week, as Martin’s had the week off as holiday, so that’s been wonderful for us to spend time as a family and has really boosted me! It’s lovely that we’ve all been able to have a whole week with each other without work or school!

We had a midwife appointment this week too. I was caught unawares that I was to have my bloods taken at this appointment, so I was a bit mentally unprepared for it! But it doesn’t bother me too much, I’m not fussed about needles really. Bump was measured, and we got to hear his heartbeat – he didn’t seem too impressed about this as he kept kicking at the Doppler!

I was also thrown a baby shower this week which was amazing! You can read about that here.  A lot of people think he might come early, and honestly – so do I. I haven’t had any Braxton hicks or anything (yet) but I just have a feeling. I can’t remember how I felt towards the end of my pregnancy with William, so I can’t remember if I felt this uncomfortable or not! – Mind you, he was 2 weeks late anyway so comparing probably won’t help if Baby is coming early haha. So long as he doesn’t come on the 6th September I don’t mind when he comes (that’s the start date back at school and the day Martin is in Leicester!) For now, it looks like the beginning of the real discomfort and feeling fed up of being pregnant.

As always, catch up on week 33 here, or start back at the beginning here. 

Becky x


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 34.

  1. I used various apps during my pregnancy to track babies weight. I swear they never really matched up with me or each other for that matter. I felt like I had a cantaloupe on one app at like 20 weeks and then again at 34 weeks. It was that or “momnesia”.

    My instincts told me my little one would come early too! She was born at 38 weeks! So maybe you will be meeting yours soon! 😀

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    1. Yeah I’m just going by physical examination and graph plotting from my midwife now for weight haha, but it’s interesting to see what the “average” is they use on the apps! – I’m definitely carrying a watermelon today haha! Yeah, I hope so 😀
      thanks for stopping by! x

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