What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

As your due date gets closer, you should probably start thinking of what you might need to take with you if you’re planning on having your baby in hospital. (However, these would also be items you may want close to hand or readily available if you’re having a home birth too!) With my first pregnancy,… Continue reading What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Daily Life

Back to School: First Week in Year 2.

Last week I saw my timelines over social media boom with “back to school” photos and rejoices/tears from the parents (depending on how well behaved your kids were over the summer…I think the majority I saw were rejoicing!) and now we’re all finding our feet again with the morning/bedtime routines, keeping on top of the laundry and… Continue reading Back to School: First Week in Year 2.

Daily Life

Summer Holidays Roundup: Week 6

*Apologies for this going up so late, I thought I’d scheduled it to go up…I apparently didn’t do that…haha whoops!* The last week has come…and gone…If you’d have asked me at the end of term if I was looking forward to the holidays I’dve told you no, probably. I was stricken with mum guilt before… Continue reading Summer Holidays Roundup: Week 6