Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Pregnancy Update35 (1).png

The Baby

This week: an average baby is looking to be around the weight of 5.3lb – the same as a honeydew melon & measuring about 46.2cm. But we’ve already established we’re on the “above average” spectrum here! I tried to google what fruit weighed around 6lb, but wasn’t very successful (feel free to tell me things that weigh 6lb or more in the comments below!) Even more excitingly… Baby will be gaining around 28g a day over the next couple of weeks…can I evict him now?

If you didn’t know already, the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid (A.K.A ‘Waters’ – you know, “oh my god my waters have just gone”) As he’s getting bigger and taking more space up, the fluid is naturally decreasing around him. (It didn’t specify how or where…and again google is bringing up nothing. I’ll ask at my midwife appointment on Tuesday and get back to you on this!)


This week has been a long one. There is minimal room left for my tenant now, and he is trying his darned best to find a comfortable position. Or at least that’s how it feels. Constant jabbing and kicking, and I’m pretty sure he’s engaged – we have a midwife appointment on Tuesday so I’ll be able to find out then if I’m right or not! I think this because it generally feels like his head is pushing down on my pelvic area, especially when walking!

Sadly I can’t remember how I felt with William at this point in my pregnancy, but I don’t remember feeling this heavy. (I probably did though haha!) I said a few weeks ago how I could feel my bump stretching and it not feeling like it could go any more – well it has, obviously, and with it a lot of weight. I’m finding it hard to get up off the sofa, or the floor after changing William. I wasn’t a very graceful person before, but now just takes the biscuit! Martin laughs at me for how I get out of breath just taking my leggings off – he should see me after walking up the stairs!

A word of advice too, it’s not a great idea to drink a lot before bed; you might just wake up thinking your waters have gone…and they haven’t…if you get what I’m saying. I’ll blame it on bad baby positioning and really deep sleep. ha.

I’m ready to meet the little guy now, but I’ll be honest, I’m bloody scared second time round. Since naïve first-time me didn’t really know much about what could happen or how I’d handle it all, I didn’t delve into finding out the bad bits, but since having William and reading a lot more of what could have happened, and the whole “every pregnancy is different!” I’m struggling a little to stay in my happy bubble of everything will be fine! But, we won’t know until we get there…I’ll keep optimistic it will be a nice birth (as nice as giving birth gets anyway!)

As always, catch up on week 34 here, or start back at the beginning here! 🙂

Becky x

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