Pregnancy Update: Week 36.

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The Baby

This week, according to the app the Baby is weighing in around 5.7lb, and about 47cm long – apparently a similar length to a “romaine lettuce” – whatever that is. My baby however, is 7.4lb now…(dear god.) and most likely longer than 47cm!

Once this week is out of the way, I will be considered full-term for this pregnancy, meaning that Baby could come any day! (could being the main word here…) The app had an interesting statistic on it, saying that only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date! Which, when you think about it isn’t really a high % at all.

Whilst in the womb, Baby has been covered in lanugo hair & vernix caseosa (a protective substance that covered the skin) over the last few weeks these have been shedding, and Baby will continue to shed it & swallow it, storing it in is bowels (mmm, yummy.) This is called meconium – a green/black substance which will be his first poo! How delightful.

I’m very grateful to Baby, he is head down! Still unsure if he’s actually engaged or not, but he’s not breech or sitting in any silly positions. Some babies don’t become engaged until labour actually starts, so I’m not too worried about that right now, and judging from his size, there’s no way he’s turning around now!


This week I feel like every day my bump has grown more and more each day (I get that obviously this is happening, but I mean I feel like I can physically see/feel it growing at an exponential rate.) I’m not sure how much bigger I can get before I pop! For the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting an ache/stitch-like pain in my right side, which I’m putting down to Baby’s legs and feet pushing against my ribs. I’m now back on iron tablets after my blood test results came back again with low iron levels. If anyone tells you being pregnant is all sunshine and rainbows, I would like to point you in the direction of piles. Yep. They are not fun, or comfortable. Honestly, the things we go through to grow a baby is pretty demoralising sometimes! But they’re cute and smushy, so we endure and get over it for them!

We had a midwife appointment this week, all is good, apart from when the midwife measured my bump…”it’s measuring at 38cm” – No wonder I’m feeling big! We’ve gone from measuring nicely and spot on with my gestation weeks, to suddenly being 2 weeks ahead of ourselves! My midwife re-measured just in case, and managed to just get it into the 37cm mark. “Well, if he follows this line, at term he’ll be the same size as William was when he was born!” – Which is great…except William was 2 weeks late…So now I’m praying to the baby gods that this little man is NOT late!

It was an interesting appointment, somehow we managed to get onto the topic of wombats and their poo. (did you know they poop cubed shaped?!) If you’re wondering how on earth we got onto this topic, it’s because I saw a visual representation of dilation using fruits online the other day, and I mentioned that dragon fruit was on there (it wasn’t, I got confused) and we then debated whether dragon fruit was round or not, and naturally my mind wandered to cube shaped poo…

With being back to school, I’m once again walking 4miles a day for the school runs, which I am secretly hoping the exercise will kick start some sort of eviction! I hadn’t realised how little I’d actually done over the holidays until I started walking to school again. I wanted to get the first day of school out of the way before he made an appearance, so now I’m ready for him to come!

So, potentially there could be only 4 more posts to this series – or if Baby follows in his brothers footsteps, you might be lucky to have 6! Who knows?!

Becky x


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