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Summer Holidays Roundup: Week 6

*Apologies for this going up so late, I thought I’d scheduled it to go up…I apparently didn’t do that…haha whoops!*

The last week has come…and gone…If you’d have asked me at the end of term if I was looking forward to the holidays I’dve told you no, probably. I was stricken with mum guilt before we’d even started the holidays! I knew money would be tight and I’d be lacking in much energy to do too much, but we’ve survived and come out the other end unscathed without too many “I’m bored” scenarios.

I am so grateful to my family this year who have helped me out with the kids, whether that’s us joining you for a cuppa tea, or shipping the kids your way for a sleepover (or 3…) You’ve all been wonderful, and I really can’t thank you enough for keeping me sane for 6 weeks! I know the kids really enjoy spending time with you all, and it’s so lovely that we live close enough to just pop round (even if you don’t see it that way haha!) So thank you everyone, truly!

So what did the last week of the holidays have in store for us? Initially I had planned to use this week to get back into a routine of 7pm bedtimes (and 9pm for me!) but, as my plans go…this didn’t happen of course. Much more exciting things happened instead!


Bank holiday Monday. Which I didn’t realise until someone told me on Saturday – this meant an extra day off for Martin, woo! We didn’t do an awful lot today, with the last moment of freedom for him, we enjoyed a day of movies and cups of tea!


Back to reality. Not only did Martin start back to work, but Lily went to her mums for the next two days. It was a quiet household for William and I. I would tell you that I tidied the house and got a lot of housework done, but if you came round now you wouldn’t believe me.


Lily was still away today, William and I played in the garden a bit & chilled at home, of course.


Today was Nanny’s birthday! We were all invited round for dinner, (Dominos – winner! who doesn’t love pizza on their birthday?!) During the day, the kids and I spent the morning colouring in and making Nanny a birthday card – which naturally we forgot and left at home, but were then picked up and taken to Nanny’s for the afternoon which was lovely as we had all been invited round for dinner. (Dominos – winner! who doesn’t love pizza on their birthday?!)


Lily asked to spend the day with Nanny and Grandad, so we organised that. They went to a local family-friendly pub/restaurant called The Ffolkes Arms, which has recently had a renovation & a new kids play area put in! Naturally Lily had a blast there!

I attempted to have a bath in the morning, which was the most unsuccessful bath I think I’ve ever had. I wanted to wash my hair, but forgot I’d left the shampoo/conditioner in a bag in my bedroom (and I’d already got in the bath.) I had to bring William up with me, and thought he’d be happy to play with his cars…how wrong was I? Then I couldn’t find any body wash for either of us! So we just had a splash instead and I showered later.

William & I walked (and stopped…and walked, and stopped again) to town, which ended up with me pushing him in his pushchair as he delights in every drain, every lamppost and has gained selective hearing when I say, “keep walking/this way!” With my ever growing bump, and a testing toddler, a 30 minute walk turned into an hour long waddle. Eventually we made it into town where we met some of my friends for lunch at the local spoons – cheap & cheerful! William was, by this point more tired than hungry and fell asleep pretty sharpish without eating much lunch…Which made for an interesting walk around Primark…

I quickly whisked him off to Sainsburys where I bought him some yoghurts and a drink to tide him over until we got home for dinner. Lily ended up having a sleepover round Nanny’s, so once William was in bed I decided to continue watching Orange is the New Black (which, btw is seriously good!)


Lily spent today with Nanny and Grandad again (and yep, another sleepover!), which left William and I to our own devices at home. (i.e. we did bugger all.) We spent some time out in the garden, but he honestly has no fear with climbing the jungle gym, and my reactions aren’t lightening fast right now so I’d rather wait until Martin’s home to let him play on it!


Today, I had to pop out to the post office to retrieve a missed parcel delivery, so my mum picked me up and took me to the sorting office. We then swung by Nanny’s to pick Lily up as it was on the way home!

Mum stopped in for a quick cuppa, and then the kids and I watched a few films. Well…Lily did…William and I might have accidentally fallen asleep on the sofa for a bit…Initially I didn’t think I had, but when I looked at the time it was quite clear I’d “rested my eyes” for half an hour.


Today was a bit more exciting. I’d arranged with my mum to go shopping for lunch bits for Lily’s pack up for school, which actually ended up with us going swimming first with Aunty Annie too! It’s so lovely to see Lily and William enjoy the water so much! I’m tempted to look into swimming lessons for William – do they do them for 19 month olds??

The only downside to the swimming was in fact the steps getting in/out of the pool. William is a great lover of steps. Between all of us, we took it in turns walking up and down the steps with him, until the game was no longer fun for either party and we all got out!

After swimming and shopping, we came home and relaxed. Lily played some Minecraft and William had a cracking 3 hour nap. (That swimming must’ve really knackered him out!) 


The last day of the summer holidays…It crept up on us so fast! We spent the morning mooching around, enjoying the last holiday morning of lounging around in our PJ’s. I had a midwife appointment today, and typically it was raining so my mum picked us up and took us into town. Lily heard that grandma was going to aunty Rhiannon’s house, so she asked if she could go with her there, and my mum took both Lily and William for me! Martin was given an hour out of work to come to the appointment too which was lovely!

When we got home, I carried on with the housework. Whilst I was busy in the kitchen washing up, Lily asked if there was anything she could do to help me, so I gave her the job of spraying the sides with anti-bacterial and wiping them down. She enjoyed it so much I said to her that could be her new important big girl job after dinner. (Who knew chores would bring such enjoyment to a 6 year old!) This then spurred her on to ask about feeding our cat, Lucy. I explained what she had for breakfast and dinner and before I knew it, Lily scored herself a second big-girl job! Now it’s her responsibility to feed the cat morning and night.

Finally, I had Lily help me make her lunch box ready for school in the morning. I couldn’t really tell whether Lily was excited to start back at school or not initially, she made a comment at dinner time about not wanting to go to school – but knowing that she had to, and I didn’t pursue the conversation, I’m not sure why – I should have really. I read somewhere once that children are more likely to enjoy eating their lunches if they have input with making it. So I decided this year that I’d include Lily with making her lunch. It worked really well! I let her choose her own flavoured yoghurt, crisps, and drink which she collected from the cupboards/fridge and put in her lunch box herself. I then let her make her own sandwiches – I helped with spreading the butter and cutting it up when she was finished – but again, I hope for this to become part of our routine! She was really excited to be involved with making it, I partly wish I’d involved her sooner!

In the evening we got all of the school necessities out: uniform, back pack and lunchbox in the fridge ready for the morning.

And there we have it. Six weeks of the summer holidays over for another year. It’s been a relatively quiet one, perhaps next year we’ll be more pro-active and plan a bit ahead. Perhaps…Until then, we’re off to go start Year 2! (You can check out Week 5 here!)

Becky x

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