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Back to School: First Week in Year 2.

Last week I saw my timelines over social media boom with “back to school” photos and rejoices/tears from the parents (depending on how well behaved your kids were over the summer…I think the majority I saw were rejoicing!) and now we’re all finding our feet again with the morning/bedtime routines, keeping on top of the laundry and ugh…homework.

First day! (excuse the mess…)

I have to say, I am over the moon excited and proud of how well Lily has adapted and embraced moving up into year 2. Of course Reception was a bit daunting, with it being a brand new school and hundreds of new faces – and generally just a big stepping stone for her. Starting Year 1 wasn’t too bad, she was excited to see her friends, but found this transition a bit harder than the previous year – she soon settled though. Year 2 was a completely different ball game.

Initially, by the bedtime came around the night before going back to school, Lily’s smile during the day had disappeared and she slumped upstairs to brush her teeth and put her pyjamas on. When I went to tuck her in bed, she told me she didn’t want to go to school and that she didn’t like having to get up to go. I sat and chatted to her about the great points of going back: seeing her friends being the main point, using her new school bag and lunch box (which she made her lunch herself!) and the icing on the cake was that Daddy would be able to take her in the morning!

By morning, Lily came downstairs all dressed and ready for school and in good spirits. She had decided that she was in fact looking forward to seeing her friends again now! We were all ready to go by 8am, and by 8.10am we were at the school! Well, this isn’t gonna happen again! I thought. We were that early, the school gates didn’t open until 8.30am! I was honestly so shocked at how easy the morning went! When it was time for the gates to open, Lily waltzed in and headed straight to class – she didn’t even look back, which was wonderful to see her so confident, but it made me realise how grown up she’s really getting *slight sob.* 


Come hometime, I left William at home to nap with Martin, and I walked to school. It was actually really handy to see how long it would take me to waddle there. Again, I was early! When Lily came out of school she had a grin from ear to ear. It was so wonderful to see her so happy. It was also near impossible to get any information out of her apart from, “Mummy, I can’t believe I’m IN YEAR TWO!!” Eventually I did manage to worm some information about her day, which I was grateful for! She’s still amazed she’s in year two now haha! I hope this excitement and optimism continues throughout school!

A week into the new year and she’s still loving it. I even get a partial low-down of what she got up to at school! (which is a big step from last year; you can read about that here.I think it’s really helped they’ve got a pretty cool topic to start the year off with, ‘Superheroes!’ And Lily’s new teacher is using the Class Dojo system which I’ve found Lily responds well to; she’s come home every day telling me of the points she’s been awarded for good listening/behaviour in class etc.

How is your child’s first week back going?

Becky x

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4 thoughts on “Back to School: First Week in Year 2.

  1. Ahhh bless her heart! It sounds as if she has embraced her new school yr really well, despite the fact she initially didn’t want to go. Its such a big adjustment for them isn’t it? Sounds like your optimism made all the difference for her 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #HoneybeeLinky lovely! Hope you can join in again next week! Xx

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  2. Ah this will be me next year as my son will just have started in Year 2! I can’t believe how fast the school years go (as a primary teacher you’d think I was aware of this!) Glad she loved it and is enthusiastic and optimistic about the coming year – her teacher would be thrilled to know that this is the start she has had – and I’m sure you are too 🙂 #HoneybeeLinky

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    1. It’s gone so fast hasn’t it! – it gets quicker every year I’m sure. I hope your son has settled into year 1 ok! – Yeah I’m sure her teacher is thrilled! I’m over the moon about it, there’s nothing worse than having to leave your child when they don’t want to go! x

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