Pregnancy Update: Week 37.

Whoops, forgot about this one! Sorry it’s late 😀

Pregnancy Update37 2.png

The Baby

It’s official. I am now classed as full-term, meaning the baby could potentially come any time at all! I had said previously that I thought he would be early, but the closer my due date gets, the more I feel he’s going to be late…

As we’ve established a few weeks ago, this baby isn’t following the average guidelines from the app; which says he is around 6.3lb in weight and 49cm long. Well…My mum and I attempted to measure my bump and if we did it right, it’s measuring around 39cm…which when plotted on the graph, makes the baby around 8.3lb…with 3 weeks to go still…So, no…we are definitely not following this average guide on the app haha! Maybe I’ll be like that lady who recently gave birth naturally to a 12lb-er! (I’m seriously praying I don’t. Kudos to her, but I don’t fancy it…) 

He now has full toenails! They should be reaching the end of his dinky toes or beyond, and he’s working his facial muscles with grimaces, pouts and frowns. All of which I’m sure will become daily facial expressions for him! Especially the frowns. He’s also still developing his digestive system – which continues to mature for several years after he’s born. I never knew!


It’s been a bizarre week for me emotionally. As odd as it sounds, I’ve kind of only really come to terms with the reality that I’m pregnant and the baby is due pretty much any time if he feels like it. On the one hand I’m well and truly fed up of feeling exhausted/tired/heffa-like and uncomfortable in any position I sit, stand or lay in. I want to be able to sleep without needing a wee 5 times a night. (Like I’ll get sleep when the baby’s here though, ha!) And on the other hand, I love feeling him kick and move about, even if it does feel like he’s trying to break my ribs whilst doing it.

It’s ridiculous to think it’s taken me 37 weeks to semi-enjoy being pregnant. This time round I’ve been nothing but an emotional, short-tempered, tired old frump and it’s really taken it’s toll on both myself and the family. So, honestly, I am ready to battle my way through the sleepless nights, tears, fun, laughter and general disorientation that comes with a new baby and find my way out of the tunnel to get back on track.

This week I’ve had such an itchy bump! I’m putting it down to my bump expanding even more…I honestly don’t know how much more it can stretch haha. I’ve resorted to putting moisturiser on it twice a day in a vain attempt to calm the itching. My mum looked at me the other day and just said, “Becky, you’re huge.” Which, considering she works in the maternity unit and sees bumps every day, didn’t fill me with much comfort!

Weirdly, my feet too have been itchy, whether that’s from heat or if they’re swelling too (they did when I was pregnant last time!) either way, that was an unexpected discomfort too. I’ve also been getting a strange stitch-like pain in my right side, I think that’s just where Baby is laying his legs/feet though, but still it’s annoying.

I realise I’ve moaned and complained a lot about this pregnancy, but I am really excited to meet the little man! Who knows, maybe next week’s update will be a birth announcement! (I know…too optimistic!)

As always, catch up on week 36 here, or start back at the beginning here!

Becky x



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