Pregnancy Update: Week 38.

Pregnancy Update38 2.png

The Baby

As we’ve long established, Baby Berney is bigger than the average that my app I’ve been using is saying. An average baby right now would usually be about 6.8lb & 50cm-ish (which is similar to the length of a leek!). Well…Berney #3 is definitely past that weight! We’re looking at 8.10lb right now…(please pray for me & my fufu…) 

As mentioned before, the baby has been covered in lanugo hair – that should now mostly be gone, a few patches might still be about at birth (but don’t worry, it’ll go.) Baby also now can make a firm grasp with his hands – and if he’s anything like his brother, it’ll be a strong grasp too!

*He is definitely firmly head down thank god! No breech for me! Now to work on my squats to get him moving!*


With the end in sight, I’m getting more and more excited to meet little man, and also impatient that I don’t know when that’ll actually be!

I had my penultimate midwife appointment this week, (I’ve resigned myself to the foreseeable fact that I was wrong in my initial assumption that he would be early.) and I mentioned to my midwife about the itchiness I’d been having over the past week on my bump/hands and feet. After talking to my mum about it she said it was best to relay this to my midwife as apparently it’s a sign of Obstetric Choleostasis. I was kinda hoping they would be able to test for this with wee, but no…it’s a blood test…So another unexpected needle and we were away. I was hoping to hear back by now for the results, but I’ve chased it up twice and my results haven’t come back in? So I’m a little miffed about that, I’ll be chasing it up again later today!

I also found out at my midwife appointment that I have in fact been having Braxton hicks! I just never realised that’s what was happening! (duhh.) I always assumed they would be painful and uncomfortable, like a half-real contraction? But apparently not? It’s just your muscles tightening together and practising the movement for real contractions. Your tummy will go hard and then soften up again. I thought it was little one moving around haha. So, I’ve actually been having them for a while now – I couldn’t tell you how long for though, all the weeks merge into one big mush these days.

I am officially struggling to get up off the sofa now, I *stupidly* laid down on it the other day and very nearly had to ring someone to come over and help me back up. Talk about turtle back! A lot of people have helpfully told me this week how big I am too. Thank you, everyone. I mean, I know I’m still in denial a little (a lot) about it all but your reminders aren’t filling me with confidence – I’ve still got 2 weeks (at least) to go, he’s only going to get bigger, and I have to push him out. So for my sanity, please stop telling me how big I am! Deep, deep down…I know! – And yes, there is only one in there.

Adding on to the previous point of being big, man oh man am I feeling the weight of it! Stairs? Forget it. Getting in/out the car? Yeah right! I am literally a big ball of puffy/out-of-breath-getting-my-sweat-on pregnant mess. I seek refuge on my sofa (which as I pointed out I can’t even get off that properly now!) and I’m doing the bare minimum I can get away with now.

As always, you can catch up on Week 37 here, or start back at the beginning here!

Becky x



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