D-Date is Here. Or is it?

29th September 2017.

A day I’ve been waiting 9 months for.

It is finally here, and I can’t quite believe it…Where on earth has 9 months gone?? It only feels like last week we were announcing to everyone we were expecting #3! (and even now I’m still in complete denial as to how big my bump actually is…)

If you’ve been following my journey of pregnancy, you’ll know it’s been a bit up and down, and I haven’t all enjoyed it that much this time around which I am totally gutted about. I assumed I would have had a similar pregnancy to Williams – but we did a complete 180 and ran off in the opposite direction. From tiredness, to lack of motivation to even bloody piles, this pregnancy hasn’t been what I expected. And yet…as much as I’ve moaned and complained and wished the baby to come already, I will miss it. There’s no way to explain the feeling of carrying a child, or the happiness that comes with the flutters and kicks (which, ok, are sometimes a little (lot) uncomfortable.) When they’re in the real world, time just speeds up and before you know it, your little smush is walking, talking, starting school – all in the blink of an eye!

But am I going to fall into the 5% of women who give birth on their estimated due date? – Right now, I’m not overly confident I will be. I genuinely thought this little guy was going to be early, but I should have known that I’d be wrong – I’ve been wrong about everything else throughout this pregnancy!

As ridiculous as it sounds, after all this time, it’s only really just settled in my mind that we’re having another baby and I’m pregnant. So, part of me still thinks I have another 6 months to go (oh my days could you imagine that?! I’d start my own gravitational pull!) and I’m a little sad that I didn’t get a chance to fully appreciate and love this pregnancy as much as I wanted to.


I am stupidly excited to soon be meeting the little (ish) man! I can’t wait to see what he looks like, who he looks like, how big he is, putting him in his first outfit and most of all, introducing him to Lily and William. Lily has already told me how helpful she’s going to be with William, helping to get him dressed and making sure he’s doing as he’s told/eating and playing nicely and all round being a superstar big sister to him. It melts my heart to hear how thoughtful and helpful she wants to be to make life easier for when baby does arrive, I don’t know how we got so lucky to have such a beautiful soul in our family like Lily. Of course, she’ll have her share of helping out with the baby too, she loved bathing William and picking out outfits for him, so I’m sure it won’t be much different this time around!

I mentioned before in an earlier pregnancy update about the possibility of me having Obstetric Choleostasis. My bloods came back as normal, but the bile acid results never got back to me. I’m still itchy as ever, and so today I am off to the hospital for another blood test for it. It may seem a bit pointless now I’m actually at my due date, but if little one was to come 2 weeks late, I don’t think I’d have much of my hands or feet left from the scratching! Plus it can be quite dangerous for the baby too apparently? I took the first appointment they had, which conveniently was 3.30pm…So Lily will have a nice surprise at the school gates as Nanny will be picking her up as by the time we’ve battled the school traffic to the hospital it’ll be more like 4pm!

I’ll be posting up my 39 week pregnancy update later (all being well!) But for now, I am still pregnant.

Becky x


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